A most interesting Dream... related to one of my favorite anime, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I was running to a building on a school campus looking for the Nonsense Nine, while holding a sword. I jumped up a platform and resumed running.

Suddenly, I tripped, and grabbed out for a baby tree to keep myself from falling, but I fell anyway because the tree came out of the ground!

I put it back in before anyone saw.

Then I entered the building through its creaky door.

It looked like my glasses were fogging up, but one of the little kids there said it was because the teacher lady smokes a lot. Indoors. Ugh.

I swear, it was almost like I could smell it for real. eek

So while trying to get out, because I loathe cig smoke, I find Beauty's there.

So we wonder where Bobobo, and the others are. (I don't think Torpedo Girl, Softon or Hatenko were present)

Anywho, we see a large silhouette behind a door, that look too much like a large afro. We open the door, and surprise surprise, we see him!

But of course, going along with the weirdness, he was in a baby carriage, posing as a baby, along with Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler.

Gasser was sitting in the back row.

As usual, Beauty freaks out, asking why they're there like that, but I join her in doing so. Then we see the chain-smoking teacher, who tells us they can't leave yet.

We had to come up with something, to get em outta there, so thinking quickly, we dressed up as a traditional Japanese mom and dad, and made up a story that they have to be excused to go visit their grandpappy who had been in a custard pie war.

So as we carted them out Gasser followed behind, and SOMEHOW Dengaku Man popped up, wearing a baby bonnet, saying how he'd been ignored AGAIN.