Gijinkas. They... interest me. To that end I would like to see what my characters would looked like if dressed in such a way.

ref: 1 (T)
pokemon: Ludicolo, Wobbuffet, Tsutaja (The Grass-Type Starter Pokemon for Pkmn Black/White), or Yanappu
gender: Male
notes: If Ludicolo is selected, give him a pair of Maracas.

ref: 2 (Lena)
pokemon: Staravia or Gochiruzeru
gender: Female

ref: 3 (Usagi)
pokemon: Delcatty or Froslass
gender: Female

ref: 4 (Sofia)
pokemon: Mawile, Shimama, or Emonga
gender: Female

ref: 5 (Sari)
pokemon: Vespiquen, or Hihidaruma
gender: Female

ref: 6 (T-na)
pokemon: Blissey, Hitmonchan, Munna, Musharna, Shikijika, or Swanna (for this one I'm thinking something like a Ballerina.
gender: Female

ref: 7 (Paula)
pokemon: Magikarp, Gyarados, Milotic, or Gorebyss
gender: Female

NOTE: All the ones that are linked are from Pokemon, Black/White. As soon as it gets localized (which I hope will be soon), the names will be changed to their NA names.