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MOP posted here. I probably will never update this. Ever.

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Okay, due to technical difficulties of Fictionpress, I'm posting myy third chapter of "What Has Been Stolen" here. I'll get rid of it fter the website fixes. Enjoy while you can.

Turtle necks. I hated how they constricted my throat. It was suffocating. I tugged at the high collar, trying to breathe.
Ricky sighed and pulled my hand away. “Don’t mess with it. You’ll stretch it out and then it’ll be useless.”
He banged the steering wheel. “I just can’t believe that Tyler!” He looked over at me pleadingly.
“Please don’t talk to him today. You don’t have any classes together, do you?”
I felt an odd guilt wash over me. I didn’t just have a class with him, I sat next to him.
“Um, well…yes, I do. Spanish Class. He sits…” I trailed off and looked out the window. No need to make him unnecessarily upset.
Ricky didn’t question me. “Do you want a schedule change? I can get one for you if you’d like.”
He pulled the truck into park and shut off the engine. His head made a dull thwack in the steering wheel.
“Haley, you have no idea how crappy I feel. I feel like the worst relative in the world. Ugh…”
He peered sideways at me, a red mark on his forehead.
“I’m really sorry. Like, really sorry. I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am. And I shouldn’t have laughed at you. Tyler shouldn’t have done that to you.”
He reached out smoothed down the collar of my turtle neck, revealing the hickey.
“What was he thinking?…”Ricky muttered as he straightened up and rolled my collar back up.
I pushed the door open and hopped out. Ricky was being depressed again. All night, I had heard him stomping around.
I felt Ricky climb out and the truck shuddered as he closed the door. He came around to my side and patted my head.
“Be sure to find me during lunch, okay? We can talk more then.”
I nodded and followed robotically behind him.
The first bell rang. The classroom was empty besides me and the teacher.
“Hello, Miss Kami! How’s Ricky doing? I heard he left practice early. Is he alright?”
I smiled weakly. “Ah, yes. He’s fine. He left to check up on me…”
Miss Einer’s face seemed to freeze for a moment, her eyes not reflecting what her smile said.
“…Check? Were you alone?”
I shook my head. “Not exactly. I was supposed to be alone, but Tyler and Sarah took me home.”
Miss Einer’s smile faded even more. “Tyler Lori and Sarah Enyton?”
I bit down on my lip and weaved through the desks. “Yes…I don’t like Tyler much…Sarah’s alright though.”
I heard someone enter. “Ah! Good morning, Miss Einer!” a male voice said. Jonathan Morose.
I felt my neck tense as I reminded myself not to look at him.
He settled behind me and I jumped as he slammed his desk into the back of mine.
“Morning! Are gonna look at me today?”
I slouched and shook my head.
“A response! Yes! She’s breaking!” he exclaimed. I jumped again as he breathed on my neck again.
“It’s only a matter of time before you look at me…and then fall madly in love with my beauty!!!”
I squeezed my eyes shut as Sarah glanced over. I heard her quick steps and something heavy make contact with skin.
“Ow! Hey! Sarah?! What are you doing?! That’s a dictionary!!!”
I looked up at her. Sarah’s face was calm and eerie as she raised the dictionary again.
“Sarah! Don’t!” I said, raising my arms to block the book before Jonathan was hit again.
I caught the blow with my hands, my wrists bending backwards painfully. I had no idea Sarah was so strong.
Sarah’s head turned slowly and looked down at me. I breathed in sharply. Her eyes were so…blue.
They flickered suddenly, switching back to brown for a fraction of a second.
Tyler was doing something to her! But what? I had never seen anything like this before…
Sarah’s head lolled to the side and she smiled sweetly, her eyes still flashing.
“Good morning, Miss Haley. I trust you slept well? I hope Tyler didn’t traumatize you…”
She reached out and tugged on my turtle neck, ripping it neatly down the middle. The hickey practically glowed on my pale skin. My hands flew to my neck as I tried to hide it.
“Oops! Sorry, Haley. I’ll have Tyler sew it back for you next period, okay? He’s really fast…I promised he won’t poke you…”
Sarah jerked her arm strangely as she reached out and stroked my cheek. Her skin was on fire.
“Be sure to find him…He’ll be disappointed if you don’t…Okay. That’s all.”
The smile on her face slid off as her eyes stayed on brown and blood rushed back to her pale face.
“I feel a bit ill…” she groaned, plopping in her seat. She glanced over at me, my arms raised and holding a dictionary.
“Eh? What’s with that pose? A dance?” she smiled weakly, and I noticed the bags under her eyes. I wondered if being controlled had drained her.
I forced a small laugh. It sounded like a dying…something.
“Ah…no. I was just putting it down…Hey!” I felt someone brush past my shoulder.
A boy walked by me swiftly and lifted the dictionary out of my hands.
“Sarah?! What’s you’re problem?! Did you suffer brain damage or something?! You were beating me with a dictionary! If Haley hadn’t stopped you, the next hit would have been my face!”
Sarah rolled her eyes and winked at me. She made a baby face, and in a high falsetto she said, “Heaven forbid a bruise mar your perfect face! That heavenly, angelic face! Not even the world’s best plastic surgeon could recreate such perfection!”
The boy’s shoulders relaxed suddenly. I assumed he was Jonathan. I looked away quickly; in case he turned and I saw his face.
“Well, yes, that is true…but still! Have you seen Haley’s wrists?! Look!”
I felt my arms being pulled and his breath on them.
“They’re swollen! I bet you sprained them!”
Sarah stood up and stretched. “Nonsense. When did I try to hit you with a dictionary? Stop fibbing…whoa. Haley, you’re wrists are seriously messed up.”
I yanked my arms away from Jonathan and examined my wrists carefully. They looked awful. They were red and large. It hurt to move them.
“Ow…that hurts…” I moaned as I tried rotating them in a circle. Sarah’s and shot up in the air.
“Miss Einer? I need to take Haley to the nurse. Her wrists are hurt.”
Miss Einer’s glasses flashed with concern as she walked. I put my wrists under my desk.
“Oh, it’s nothing Miss Einer,” I smiled.
“We were just goofing around…”
Miss Einer smiled sweetly. “Let me see your wrists, Haley. Or else I’ll call Ricky and we’ll have a discussion on why you were being violent in my class.
I felt snowflakes tumble through the air. Sarah shivered.
Jonathan mumbled, “Suddenly very cold…”
I held out my hands. They looked even worse now. Huge and light blue.
Sarah’s face turned green as Miss Einer drew back.
“Ah…Yes. Sarah, take her to the nurse. Do you want me to call Ricky and tell him that you’re going to the nurse?”
I shook my head. “No…It’s probably nothing. I’ll walk home if it comes to that.”
Miss Einer raised an eyebrow. “I’m going to phone the nurse and let her know that you’re coming, okay?” She walked over to the phone and dialed.
“Hello? Is this the nurse’s office?…Okay then. I’m sending one on my students down…Haley Kami.”
There was a loud sigh that was audible to every student.
“Well, I believe her wrists are seriously hurt! I’m sending her down…okay…fine.”
Miss Einer slammed the phone down, her face twitching from frustration.
“Okay, Haley. You can go. Sarah, too. You might want to ask about those bags under your eyes…”
Sarah rolled her eyes and laughed. “I don’t have to. I know what they’re from…hey! Why is your shirt ripped?!”
The door closed behind us and she paused to examine the tear.
“Geez! The cloth is all thin, like it was pulled! Who did this?”
I sighed and readjusted the collar.
“Well, Jonathan wasn’t lying. You were weird this morning…You started beating him with a dictionary over my head, and then you ripped my shirt, saying something like, ‘Tyler will fix it’ and stuff like that,” I explained.
Sarah frowned. “That’s crazy. I would remember something weird like that…”
Of course, all Tyler had to do was replace her memories, right?
“Well, do you remember how you got in the classroom?” I asked, massaging my wrists as carefully as I could. It was quite painful…
“Of course I do!” Sarah exclaimed. She hesitated. “I…um…just walked in and sat down. True story. No tricks.”
As if to prove her point, she held up her hands, palms up.
I shrugged as we clicked down the stairs. “Temporary insanity?”
She pinched my arm and twisted.
“Ow! Holy crap that hurt!” I groaned. Raised my hand to rub it, and hissed as my wrist protested the movement.
Sarah grinned before turning around to enter the nurses office.
“Hello? I brought Haley Kami! Her wrists look pretty bad…”
The nurse walked in behind us. She glanced at me and sighed.
“I do believe I told you not to come unless you were hit by a car…” she mumbled, signing us in the log.
“Okay, dear. Let’s see the damage.”
I raised my wrists slowly and smirked inwardly as she gasped.
“Dear Lord, child! What have you been doing?!”
Sarah raised her hand awkwardly.
“I…um…slammed down a dictionary, but she tried to stop me and it bent back her wrists…”
I blinked at her. She shrugged and winked. “That’s the story, tight?” she mouthed. I smiled.
“Well, my dear. I’m going to have to call your parents. Do I have their number?”
I felt my heart rate increase. The nurse walked over to her book with all of the parent phone numbers.
“Ah…we have your…uncle? Is he your legal guardian?”
I felt my hands tremble. My uncle? Why was his number there?
“Um, yes but he changed his number awhile ago…I don’t remember it…”
I glanced at the floor. Maybe that was why Miss Einer had offered to call Ricky.
“Um, I can call Ricky. He takes care of me better than Uncle…”
The nurse stared at me for a moment before sighing deeply and dialing.
“Hello? This is the nurse. Could you please call Ricky Kami to the Nurses Office? There’s something he needs to see…thank you.”
It was a matter of seconds before the loudspeaker came on.
“Ricky Kami to the nurse, Ricky to the nurse.”
We stood awkwardly in silence. Sarah rocked on her feet while the nurse opened a cabinet.
“I’m really sorry by the way…I cant remember anything, but it looks like I really did do something…” she muttered as the nurse banged aside a box noisily.
“Miss Kami, take this for the pain. You aren’t allergic, are you?” the nurse asked, tossing me a small box. Ibuprofen.
I popped one in my mouth right as Ricky entered. “Haley?! Are you okay?!”
He rushed over and examined me. His eyes lingered on my ripped turtle neck, narrowing slightly. Then he continued searching me, finally finding my wrists.
“s**t, Haley. What did you do?” he whispered. He looked up apologetically at the nurse. She continued to ignore us.
Sarah wobbled slightly before stuttering out, “R-Ricky? I…I accidentally slammed a dictionary…but she tried…tried to stop me…”
Her face was bright red. I kinda figured out that she had a crush on him. But guess that was obvious.
Ricky glanced up at her. “You did this? Wow.” he let out a long low whistle. “Must of put some force behind this.”
Sarah tried to smile, but her lower lip was trembling too much.
Ricky smiled for her. “Ever think about sports?”
She let out a cough. “Uh…um…I’ll go get Haley’s stuff…”
She bolted. Ricky smiled up at me sadly.
“Such a nice girl. I bet she was so stressed out about yesterday…We should apologize later.”
I nodded, but yelped as Ricky suddenly picked me up bridal style.
“I’ll be taking her home!” he called out. The nurse grunted and waved.
“Begone, demon children,” she said after us.
I closed my eyes tightly, trying to imagine myself on a hammock. It wasn’t working. I could still feel the shape of his arms and hear his breath. I tried pretending it was a girl. A very…muscular girl.
I heard a door open. “Can someone please sign me and Haley out? She’s not feeling well, so I’m taking her home.”
There was a grunt and I assumed that it was an okay.
I cracked my eyes open. I saw through the office window that Sarah was rushing down the stairs with my bag.
She glanced up and paused as she saw my position. I shrugged and Ricky looked up at the movement. I could hear the smile in his voice.
“Thank you, Sarah. I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow. Haley, too if her wrists are better.”
Sarah helped Ricky slide my book bag on, her face on fire.
I smiled weakly as Ricky rushed out the door. It was raining a warm, pretty rain. The sky was still bright. I had heard that it meant the devil was beating his wife, but I was an atheist anyway.

...I deleted this part. Bleh!

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