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MOP posted here. I probably will never update this. Ever.

Community Member
Name: Bentivolio Allegro
Age: 16-23
Birthday: March 15
Role: Main
Personality: A worrywart, but incredibly stubborn when he reaches a conclusion. A skeptic.
History: Born on Saturn. Was sent back in time in a ceremony. He was then captured and his memories were erased.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Changes, but they're usually a yellow green
Skin Color: Clear, a little on the pale side with freckles all across his face
Likes: Odele, trumpet, parkour and mystery stories
Dislikes: Eric, being wrong and alcohol. His weakness is his looks. He's very self conscious.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Ramen
Home town: Hecate, Saturn
Current Residence: Dorm 213, Academy on the Moon
Protagonist or Antagonist: Protagonist
Leader or Follower: Looked up to as a leader, but would rather be a follower

Name: (your characters name)
Age: (characters age)
Birthday: (characters birthday)
Role: (main or supporting char.)
Personality: (how he/she acts)
History: (a bio, past life)
Hair Color: (characters hair color)
Eye Color: (characters eye color)
Skin Color: (characters skin color)
Likes: (what he/she likes, strengths)
Dislikes: (what he/she dislikes, weaknesses)
Favorite Color: (characters favorite color)
Favorite Food: (characters favorite food)
Home town: (characters home town, where he/she was born)
Current Residence: (current residence/town)
Protagonist or Antagonist: (protagonist - good, antagonist - bad)
Leader or Follower: (does he/she lead or follow?)

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