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Calculating the probability that inane ramblings can be classified as works of art.
Be ye warned: Quotes and/or information, eye witness encounters, hearsay, facts contained herein are garnered from a highly biased source -namely, myself- and should not be cited in works of professional literature.
So I'm putzing around the ol' profile page and see this journal option and think that if I can't litter on public walkways, I might as well do it here where it can be protected by, I don't know, artistic license or something. After all, if you're reading it, it's your own fault, yes? And seeing as how I already talk to myself, I can easily stand seeing what myself has to say in text versions.

If I forgot to mention, I'm currently an engineering student. Considering the overwhelming portion of my time that is taken up by academic-related activities, chances are that's what I'd be putting here. Which probably means engineering-related jibberish also. Ain't you lucky.

I like cereal.

In general, guinea pigs are usually quiet, but for some really odd reason they seem to like drinking from their water bottles alot after you turn out the light to go to sleep. And when they drink it makes a very distinct clicking noise because of the ball used to keep the water inside the bottle. Sometimes I look at the fuzzball's skewed-up face and can swear that he does it on purpose.

If you're reading this, message Spasms and wish her a happy birthday. Or else someday I'll hunt you down, buy out the company you're working for, and have you demoted to scrubbing toilets and writing depressing emo blogs all day. I'll do it, too...

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