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Calculating the probability that inane ramblings can be classified as works of art.
Be ye warned: Quotes and/or information, eye witness encounters, hearsay, facts contained herein are garnered from a highly biased source -namely, myself- and should not be cited in works of professional literature.
Personally, I hate summer. In Texas they have two seasons: summer and cold fronts. I would've thought that us moving to Colorado those years ago would've gotten us away from summer; no dice, that just got us into a somewhat normal seasonal rotation; namely, it still gets too hot.

I tend to liken experiencing summer to owning a dog: it can be alot of fun at first, but after awhile the sweaty slobberings and obnoxious noises just tend to ruin it. By contrast, winter is similiar to a cat: it'll bite your extremities and screw up your plumbing if you let it near the pipes, but you can't help but like it overall anyway.

Does that mean that when I go outside I'd rather be freezing with parts of my body risking frostbite? Hell yes. It's not cold enough unless I can't feel my sandal-enveloped toes.

There is one good thing about summer, and that is that it makes summer courses less painful. While I'm sitting in front of a textbook racking my brain over circuit analyses assignments, I just have to consider that I could be outside...and then sitting in front of a textbook slaving away doesn't seem so bad anymore.

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cinder chii
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Aug 21, 2006 @ 08:49pm
I LIVE IN TEXAS!!! And you are indeed right.-Nodnodnod-

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