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Words Of The Moon
Here you will find some of my poems, I will be posting them from time to time. I write most of the time what some would call Dark Poetry, or "sad"....in a way, but I write almost about every topic. So each time I write something and I feel like posti
I wonder....
Am I the type to leave a mark?
Something you won't ever forget like seeing a great white shark
Or am I like a message written on the sand near the sea?
No one will ever remember me.

I think....
The world would be easier if we coudn't see
We'd lose this tendency, to judge before we know
Think we know them just by what our eyes show
Hell no. Judge by what they show, through their words
And actions, not by their first reactions

I know....
Life is so much easier when you let go
Rather than hold on tight, to a rose littered with thorns
The pain only floods in so much more
Wish I knew that before...
As pretty as they are, they certainly know how to scar...

I feel....
There is always a calm before the storm
Might as well enjoy the first while it's warm
Live the happy moments that are far and in between
Everyone must know what I mean...
The sorrow and depression has been seen
Battles today are never clean.

I thought....
Life being older would be better
I wish my parents would send my past a letter
Back then it was so much easier
Can't live in the past though
And it does show, that is where my fondest memories lie
Between my friends and family all that did tie
Wish back then i wasn't so shy, and lived like i was on a permanent high.

I wish....
Life could be simple again, play in the rain
Live without feeling like I'm about to reach the next level of insane
Being happy, not caring about the pain
Have someone to hold and love me through the mundane
Make it worth it, give me reason to make a life, and really work it.

I hate....
That living brings about more pain than death
The dead rest in peace, the living are full of pain
I don't fear death, I fear life
It might be hard to understand
Let me show it first hand, living on, we live to lose it all
To watch as everything does fall
Our once structured life, crumbles with time
Losing everyone that made this life mine
How can life ever be great, when this is an inevitable fate?

I miss....
The true happiness and bliss, that my memories hold
The stories that can't be told
I feel a smile on my face just with the thought
Moments like those, just can't be bought
But all too often, they are too short.

I will....
Try to live my life, find the right girl to make my wife
Set myself free of all the strife
Be a person you can talk to, if you ever need a hand
Remember though it's hard for supply to meet demand

I plan....
On making my life better
Learning to laugh even when it's hard
To know that happiness only trully comes from sorrow
To live for today, rather than worry about tomorrow
The ying yang effect is what makes it possible to be happy
Without sorrow, life could be very crappy.

I love....
My friends and everyone close to me, and I'm lucky to have you all
Sometimes i take it for granted, but sometimes my view is slanted
The things in life that makes us happy aren't that wich we want
But that wich was infront of our eyes that just needed some appreciation
A message we should send to each and every nation
Greed isn't something we need, it's just an ugly seed
Wich grows only to make a tree of pain, it will not shelter anyone from the rain
No other life will it sub stain, so let it go, feel true freedom
Just enjoy the ride, at the end rise your head with pride
You lived your life as best you could, and it will not be denied.

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The Lonely Wolf

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Miss Turnip
Community Member

Thu Apr 30, 2009 @ 01:19am

Hey! mrgreen Thanks for adding a poem for us to enjoy. I kept thinking that this would sound great set to music. A few standout lines that I like a lot are: "Have someone to hold and love me through the mundane" and "Greed isn't something we need, it's just an ugly seed; Wich grows only to make a tree of pain, it will not shelter anyone from the rain" So true! I think sometimes we're disappointed that relationships and life aren't like they're depicted in movies with the boring parts edited out. But the biggest and maybe best part of life is all the mundane, daily stuff. We need someone to share and enjoy those with. Hahahahahaha. And I like the imagery of the latter verse a lot. biggrin

Capitan Cupcake
Community Member

Thu Apr 30, 2009 @ 01:29am

este me gusta mucho y la division ke le diste esta super interesante
Keep Rocking!!

User Comments: [2]
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