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Words Of The Moon
Here you will find some of my poems, I will be posting them from time to time. I write most of the time what some would call Dark Poetry, or "sad"....in a way, but I write almost about every topic. So each time I write something and I feel like posti
Fighting Till The End
Well I've done many mistakes
Nobody is an angel down here on Earth
This world can corrupt even the most sacred saint
And for that I declare that I will prevail

I'm not giving up...
Cause even though I've thrown many rocks
The Gods know that I've tried
And I will keep trying until my life expires

I know I've caused pain
I've been the reason of tears on the cheeks of a friend
My own blood I've spilled in the rain
But no! I won't get off of life's train

And if I have to stumble and fall
I promise I will not crawl..
On my own two feet I will stand
With my vision aiming at the sky

I will climb the billion walls I'll have to climb
Until I reach the gates of heaven
On those golden bars I'll place my hands
Without caring if by my sins I'll be denied

If that's the case I'll rise my head with pride
And will stare at you all from the outside
I fought all I could to do things right
So I'll walk away, with a simple smile

I reached the gates and was declined
And I accept the consequences of what I didn't do right
The punishment for this lonely pawn
Now build my cross and leave me crucified

In the end I'll look up high
Thinking to myself:
I did all I could to save my own life...
Now I'll close my eyes..

...Good Night.

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The Lonely Wolf

User Comments: [2]
Capitan Cupcake
Community Member

Thu May 07, 2009 @ 02:40am

I love it!!
todo eso de pasar la vida luchando and making mistakes and hopig for salvation
Itz awsome!

Community Member

Thu Jun 25, 2009 @ 06:43am

Dude...i love this one...
for some reason it makes me feel more sef concious of myself...

User Comments: [2]
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