"Ah, so she texted you? that's great coz she never texted me since last month biggrin " my friend named Liz said to me while we sat on the chair in the church.
At the corner of my eye sight, I can see her, my friend who texted me, standing near the door at the right side of the church(I will not mention her name). When I looked at her, she ran away to the next door at the left side of the church.
"Did you see her? she's looking at us" I told Liz. "What's up with her?"
I pulled out my phone from my pocket and texted my friend "Hey, stop peeping, go here and join us"
No reply.
And her mother came in with my mom.
"How's your daughter?" asked my mom to my friend's mother.
"I don't know, she's not talking since she came back here in Palawan. I'm worried, maybe she's not yet fully recovered" answered by my friend's mom.
The bell rang and the priest came with the sacristans.
After a few minutes, the priest started to read the homily.
When the priest was about to began his reflection, he said "What's that?" pointing to the ceiling of the church. The church is so big, the ceiling is about 40 feet high so we couldn't see what's the priest was pointing but it looked like a person.
"Hey, it's <name of my friend>" said Liz to me.
I was stunned while looking at her, I didn't know what to do.
"<name of my friend> don't do that!!!" said by my friend's mother.
"I'll catch her!" said by Liz while stretching her arms forward to catch her.
"DECIO PADEO" said by my friend while holding a microphone so all people can hear, as if she was singing with a crying voice and she jumped down.
The incident was so fast. Blood was scattered, no one will notice the body because it was like pounded into pieces.
All people inside the church were shocked. Liz wasn't able to catch her and I, looking at the bloody body, still stunned.
"Why?" I said while looking at her scattered blood and flesh and tears began to fall from my eyes.
Covered with sweat all over my body, "It was a dream"
Yes, it was a dream. When I woke up from the nightmare, my body couldn't move. I looked at the clock and it was 3:00am in the morning.

~This was a nightmare last night, I hope it will not happen. My friend is now in her 1st year in college in this coming school year. During her 4th year in high school, something happened to her (it's very personal). Whenever I see her, I feel she's ok but her dark past is always in her mind. I wish, she'll be able to move on~

note: I don't know the meaning of decio padeo