Walking through the alley, I stopped.
"Math lab", I read the sign. I opened the door and turned on the lights.
I could hear footsteps approaching the lab and a person stood near the door, it's George and said "Is it true that she's already your girlfriend?"
"huh?" I said. "Who? weird"
He stared at me for a minute then looked at the chair beside me.
"I think he's referring to the girl sitting beside me, he's really weird" I thought.
The teacher came and began the lesson.
"Go to room 6 after class" whispered by George and I nodded.
It was already 6:30pm when we finished our class.
"So dark" I said.
Someone shouted at my back and when I turned back, it's Jack, a classmate of mine.
"Look, they are practicing" said Jack pointing at the group of people dancing on the stage.
"uhm, they are weird" I said while looking at a girl who is also staring at me with a smile.
"Hey, glad to see you" it was George.
"Well, you told me to come here so what do you want?" I asked.
"Look at the room, it's kinda dirty right? I remember when we are young, we used to play there" he said and laughed then walked away. He disappeared in the dark.
"He's weird" I turned to George but he's already gone too. I was now alone.
When I started to walk, I stepped on something and I looked at it. I was shocked.
It was a knife, a clean knife, I stared at it closely then I ran away. I didn't noticed that I went back to the math lab and there, I saw the girl earlier on the stage.
"Hey! Who are you?" I asked. She didn't respond but she smiled and I continued talking "I'm Kurt, I joined the college algebra class this summer but I'm just a 2nd year high school this coming school year" then I looked at the corner "Oh, I didn't noticed that I forgot to turn off the lights. hehehe"
Then I went to the switches and turned off the lights.
The time I pressed the switch, someone shouted, a girl's voice.
"Hey!" I shouted. "Who's that?" I pressed the switches of the lights so that I can see who's shouting, but it was now broken.
"Hey miss! Where are you?" I couldn't see anything in the room. Luckily, I saw a light and I followed it so I was able to escape the room.
"Whew! I'm scared to death" I said then I looked at the stage "What happened to them?" I asked myself while looking at the faces of the people dancing earlier. It was like, they couldn't dance.
"Where is she?!" said by their leader and I noticed that the girl that I met in the math lab was not with them.
"Weird" I said, then I looked up the light of the room that I followed and read the sign of the room "room 6"
I was surprised then I looked down. I was stunned looking at the knife I saw earlier but it's not just a knife, it was now covered with blood.

~well, this is just another dream happened last night. hehe.. a weird dream.. but just like the other dream that i posted first in my journal, I also woke up at 3am...~