emo Do Dreams Mean Anything? emo
Okay, so Nezie is my friend on myspace..
And she wrote this blog on her dream,
So I decided to write about mine in my little journal :]
It's a great dream. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Okay, here we go. .
So, I'm standing in the rain and no one's around.
It's all silent and no cars, or humanity are around.
I'm in front of a bus stop, so I decide to go inside and keep dry.
I look to my right, then to my left.
Suddenly the stitches on my ankles [I have ankle, wrist, and neck stitches] start to rip open.
It's a burning feeling and I am hopeless.
Blood starts running out and I start to shake.
For whatever reason, I turn to my left..
It's a human figure, but I can't tell who it is.
They grab my hand and guide me, I struggle walking.
We walk to a place I've never seen before, a rail-road track with a layer of water over it.
The blood drifts with the water as we walk.
Suddenly, we're walking on grass, theres many trees and a huge run-down church.
We're on a island.
I start to smile, its a beautiful place.
Still, we're the only two there, but it seems crowded.
Ivy covers the church, but in the center, theres a huge clock that is ivy-free.
We walk together, it's paradise.
Theres a town, many stores and such are there, yet run-down.
All the items are still there..
It's a sunny day but in town its dark and foggy.
Theres even a trolly, but no one drives it, it just goes.
The person starts to take off there hood, but then I wake up.