Have you ever?
by neutron

smoked a cigarette?: No. Yes, it's addicting
smoked a cigar?: No.
done drugs?: Noo...>w>;; Mhmm.
drank alcohol?: Yes.
been in love?: Yes.
been dumped?: Sure.
shoplifted?: Well..uhm..owo;;
been fired?: No.
been in a fight?: Yup.
snuck out of your house?: Totally.
been arrested?: No.
made out with a stranger?: No.
gone out on a blind date?: No.
lied to a friend?: Yes.
had a crush on a teacher?: Ewwies, no
skipped school?: Yes
slept with a co-worker?: No.
seen someone die?: Yup.
had/have a crush on 1 of your myspace friends: Sure?
been to Canada?: No.
been to Mexico?: No.
been on a plane?: Yup (:
thrown up from drinking?: No.
eaten sushi?: Yuh.
been skiing?: No, I want to~!
been in an abusive relationship?: Uh..no?
taken pain killers?: Yes.
love someone right now?: Yes.
laid on your back & watch the clouds?: Not that I remember..
made a snow angel?: No.
used a fake ID?: No.
watched the sunset?: It IS California. Yes.
touched a snake?: I've had countless pet snakes. They Rock <3
felt an earthquake?: Yuh
been tickeled?: Yuh
been robbed?: Damn cousins..
been misunderstood?: Everyday
won a contest?: Sorta
been suspended from school?: Yup.
had detention?: Mhm
been in a wreck?: Car wreck? Yuh.
had/have braces?: Nope.
had a one night stand?: Nooo..
danced in the moonlight?: Totally.
hated the way you look?: Everyday.
witnessed a crime?: Yes. It was funny.
had deja vu?: Sorta..
stripped for someone?: I've flashed a few people o-o;;
walked barefoot thru the mud?: Okay..EW no.
been lost?: Yes.
been to the other side of the country?: Not YET...
swam in the ocean?: Yes. Favorite!
felt like you were dying?: Yes.
pole danced?: Noo..
played cops & robbers?: Yes. Lol.
cried yourself to sleep?: Yes.
done something you told yourself you wouldn't do?: No.
made prank phone calls?: Funny, mhm.
caught a snowflake on your tongue?: No.
kissed someone in the rain?: Nope..
blowed bubbles?: Yes.
told a stranger you loved them?: Yes! Lol.
had a wish come true?: Yupp.
jumped off a bridge?: Uhm..Not yet.
kissed a fish?: No.
ate dogfood?: Mm..everyday.
sang in the shower?: Yes! 8D
had sex in the woods?: I wish.
had sex in the park?: I wish.
had sex in the car?: I wish.
had sex in the pool?: Awkward, but I wish.
sat on a roof top?: Yuh.
worn the opposite sex clothes?: Only shirts..
had sex at a church?: ...I don't go to church.
screamed at the top of your lungs?: Just did.
stayed up all night?: Yup.
didn't take a shower for a week?: Ew. No.
climbed a tree?: Yes.
believed in ghosts?: I talk to them.
been streaking?: No.
been skinny dipping?: No.
been to jail?: ...No.
been told you were hot by a complete stranger?: Lol, yes!
been pushed into a pool?: No.
played chicken?: No.
broken a bone?: No.
been easily amused?: Yes.
caught a fish, & ate it?: Don't eat fish.
made a porn video?: No! But that'd be rad!
had nude photos taken of you?: ...Uhm..>w>;;
laughed so hard you cried?: Yes.
cried so hard you laughed?: Totally!
caught a butterfly?: Too beautiful..
mooned/ flashed someone?: YES!
had someone moon/flash you?: No.
licked a cat?: Totally.
forgotten somone's name?: Like, everytime.
went scuba diving/snorkeling?: No.
bitten someone?: Yess~!
been kicked out of your house?: Yea, it's a monthly thing.

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by ladyluck86

Getting this Over

Name: Jessica
Nicknames: Fenrir, Renegade, Emo Muffins, RiRi, Jessie, Jess...
Birthday: April 24th
Hair Color: Black!
Eye Color: Brown - Soon to be gray/red
Tattoos: Soon..very soon..
Piercing: Ring on ear..more to come.
Relationship Status: Taken
Education: Hm..
GPA: Hell, I dunno.
Occupation: Hm..
How many hours per week do you work?: None 8D
Have any kids?: I wish ;w;

Completly Random

Do you care what people think?: Not really.
What do you love more than life?: I hate life..
How many pets do you have?: I have one with me, two at mom's ex's.
Favorite holiday: Halloween!
Is the glass half empty or half full?: Half Empty.
What do you hate more than anything?: ...Solitude. -phobia-
Have you ever been arrested?: Nooo.
Do you wear some specific thing everyday?: Hm, studded belt?
Favorite clothing store: Hot Topic!
Your quote: 'This scene is DEAD.'
Who do you jam out to?: A lot. My favorite being, All That Remains!
Can you cook?: Yes!
Favorite food: Watermelon @//w//@
Can you sing?: No, I can scream.
Can you dance?: Slow dance!
Do you smoke?: No.
Do you drink?: Sometimes.
Would you change anything at the end of the day?: Yes? No? Maybe so?
Favorite color: Black, if you're picky and say, 'THATS NOT A COLOR' then red :3
What do you usually do on the weekends?: Go out and party~
How many true friends do you have?: ...Barely any.
Do you have a goal?: Uhm..
Are you a lover or a fighter: Lover <3
Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?: I will...be in a band and he will be missing me ;w;
Do you dream?: Yes.
How many people live in your house?: Three.
What annoys you more than anything?: My dad!
Something you want to do before you die?: Hm..no idea.
Do you believe in yourself?: No!
What's your mood: Random..
Todays Date: September 16th? Yes? owo;;

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