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fσяgєттιиg му ραѕт, αи∂ яємємвєяιиg тнє fυтυяє
"I'm Fine, Stop Worrying Namine.."
"You look Like Your about To Faceplant The Table." She Rubbed my Shoulder lightly.
"Don't Worry About it.." I swatted her hand away, and Continued my work.
Namine Didn't Drop the Subject "When was the last time you Slept Roxas?"
I groaned and Tried to Remember. "Wednesday. I think. I don't Have Time To sleep, I need to Catch These Criminals."
"Roxas Criminals Can Wait, You Need Sleep now. Its not Good For your Body to not have sleep." She Took My Hands In an Effort To make me Stop working.
She Turned My Swivel Chair Around To Face her, She Stared into my eye's With a pleading Glare.
"Please Roxas. Please?" She Made A small Voice That Made her look More innocent Than Ever.
God, I hate It When She Pleads like This.
I looked away Taking My Hands out of hers. "Sorry Namine But, I have A Duty to Do."
I heard Her Growl. "Fine. But I'm Not Hearing You Complain If you Miss somthing Big After You Pass out."
"Like I said, Don't Worry. I can Take Care Of Myself." I muttered Getting back to work. She Rolled her Eye's And Left The Room.

Namine Returned half an hour later, to Find her Partner face Down on his Desk.
Out Cold.
"Roxas, Roxas Wake Up." She Shook His Shoulder, He rolled his head Sideways Still In Deep Sleep.
Taking Out her Cell Phone She Dialed a Number To One of Colleiges.
He Awnsered The Phone With a Deep Hello.
"Hey Axel, You Mind Coming to The Computer Room?"
"Sure, Why?" He Responded In a More Positive mood.
"I need to You To Come Take Care Of Your Leader." She poked Roxas' Shoulder.
"What's Wrong with Him?"
Namine Lightly Laughed. "You'll See." She Closed Her phone and sat in the Swivel Chair Next to Him. Looking at All he was Looking At on his Computer Before he Went out.
The Redhead Came in, Not in His Usual outfit he Wore. Namine Must of Woke him up, His Hair was messy.
"He Passed out?" He asked Confused At Roxas' Position.
"Mmmhm. I told Him To Go to Sleep, He Refused Thinking Too much about catching Criminals. I left, Came Back and Found Him like This." Namine Explained Nudging Roxas.
Axel Shook Roxas' Shoulder, in an Attempt To wake him.
"Jeeze, When Did he last sleep?" He asked.
"Roxas Said Last Wednesday." Namine Said Crossing her Legs.
"Damn, Kids Got Stamina. I can't Stay awake That long." he Softly Stoked Roxas' Hair.
"I can."
"Well, that because You never sleep." Axel Remarked, Namine Smiled.
"Anyways, I Got Work to Do. Can You Take Roxas to his room?" Namine Began Typing, bringing Up Screens and Articles Of NY Tribune.
"Sure, Got nothing Else to Do." Axel Said Lifting Roxas' Head Of the Desk. He Lifted him off The Swivel Chair into His Arms, like He Was His own Child.
"He's Pretty Light For someone His Age." Axel Noted.
"Just Don't Let him Catch you carrying him. He Hates being Taken Care of." Namine Warned Him Not Turning from her Computer.
"Will Do." Axel Walked out of the Room With His Blond leader asleep in his arms.

I could feel someone Holding me, I was Too Dazed to know who Thou.
I reconized the Familiar Scent, And Pushed Him away Groaning "Go away."
"Sorry If I woke you." His Voice was soothing to my Sleepy Condition.
I felt him Placing Me on Soft blankets, Hopefuly It was My Bed I was being placed on.
He Threw a blanket over me, as I opened my Eye's To My dark Room.
"What Time is it?" I asked feeling Axel Ruffle My Hair.
"Time For you To Go to Sleep." He Responded Wispering.
"-But, I need to Get back to work." I sat up, only to Be Placed back Down by Axel's hands on my shoulders.
"No Roxas, Namine Told me You've been Up for the Last Four days. You need to sleep."

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