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~Positivity, like everything can die.
darelljohn_1218: bading
lavanderblossoms77: huh?
darelljohn_1218: ASl?
lavanderblossoms77: no
darelljohn_1218: NO?
lavanderblossoms77: NO
darelljohn_1218: Asl?
lavanderblossoms77: What part of NO don't you understand?
lavanderblossoms77: the n?
lavanderblossoms77: or the o?
lavanderblossoms77: or the fact that they're together?!
darelljohn_1218: both..
darelljohn_1218: What is N and o?
darelljohn_1218: all i want was your Age, Sex and Location.. nothing more,,
darelljohn_1218: Did you Understand?
darelljohn_1218: Stupid
lavanderblossoms77: I'm the one
lavanderblossoms77: *I'm the one who's stupid now?
lavanderblossoms77: pssh
lavanderblossoms77: sure
lavanderblossoms77: you can't even understand the fact that I AM NOT INTERESTED
lavanderblossoms77: That's what no means, dumbass
darelljohn_1218: So just say your not interested.. dont say No... Because saying no means a Lot..
darelljohn_1218: i dont even no if you havent have a gender,, or what
darelljohn_1218: ??
lavanderblossoms77: I'll say whatever I wanna say
lavanderblossoms77: you can't tell me what I can say or what I can't
lavanderblossoms77: Of course I have a gender!
lavanderblossoms77: I'm human
lavanderblossoms77: how stupid is that?!
darelljohn_1218: just say you are a gay
darelljohn_1218: wahahaha
darelljohn_1218: No Gender
darelljohn_1218: NO
darelljohn_1218: NO
darelljohn_1218: No
darelljohn_1218: Whaha
lavanderblossoms77: Pssh
lavanderblossoms77: you're just a stupid guy with nothing more to say
lavanderblossoms77: all you can do is at like you're winning this conversation
lavanderblossoms77: but we both know you're just PATHETIC
darelljohn_1218: As well my dear
lavanderblossoms77: dear?
lavanderblossoms77: HAH
lavanderblossoms77: whatever.
darelljohn_1218: HAHahA

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    Mon Jun 08, 2009 @ 11:48am


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    Fri Jun 19, 2009 @ 05:52pm

    WHAT THE ********?

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