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~Positivity, like everything can die.
Weird Convo with my sister o_O

Shalini Baxani: hey
Shalini Baxani: use the lappie
lavanderblossoms77: eww
lavanderblossoms77: noo
lavanderblossoms77: you just don't wanna turn it off >_>
Shalini Baxani: pleaseeee
lavanderblossoms77: aww, you sound adorable online
lavanderblossoms77: wonder where it all goes when I see you come in the room
Shalini Baxani: it's still there
Shalini Baxani: you just turn blind
lavanderblossoms77: If I was blind when you came in, then I wouldn't have seen you in the first place, hmm?
Shalini Baxani: hello
Shalini Baxani: my voice is so LOUD, remember?
Shalini Baxani: you don't hsve to see me
lavanderblossoms77: I didn't say you'd talk, I said when I'd SEE you come inside the room
Shalini Baxani: well you see me as a black shape
lavanderblossoms77: I'm blind in the situation! I didn't say I had savannah's dark a** covering my face
Shalini Baxani: well
Shalini Baxani: there are blind people who can see
Shalini Baxani: but very very little
Shalini Baxani: so they only see shapes and shadows
lavanderblossoms77: but we're not refferring to that, are we?
lavanderblossoms77: we mean BLIND BLIND
lavanderblossoms77: and you know it
Shalini Baxani: well i said the word blind
Shalini Baxani: so i know what i'm referring to
Shalini Baxani: don't just assume what's convenient for your argument
lavanderblossoms77: you're referring to the same as I am
Shalini Baxani: nope
lavanderblossoms77: YES
Shalini Baxani: you SHOULD be referring to the same thing I am
lavanderblossoms77: you're just saying you
lavanderblossoms77: 're not
lavanderblossoms77: to win!
Shalini Baxani: cause i used to the word first!
lavanderblossoms77: so?
Shalini Baxani: you follow me, i don't follow you
lavanderblossoms77: when you say BLIND, it's BLIND BLIND
Shalini Baxani: cause i used to the word first
lavanderblossoms77: then you manipulate it to sound correct just 'cause you said it first!
Shalini Baxani: not really, otherwise all those people who see shapes and all won't be called blind
lavanderblossoms77: they just have poor eyesight?
Shalini Baxani: well that's not really true, but i guess you just wanna think that
lavanderblossoms77: as id
lavanderblossoms77: *if
Shalini Baxani: no, their eyesight is sooooooooo bad
lavanderblossoms77: yeah
Shalini Baxani: it doesn't count for anything
lavanderblossoms77: NO
Shalini Baxani: black shapes and all don't count for anything
Shalini Baxani: as if you can identify things by their shadows
Shalini Baxani: everything appears dark
lavanderblossoms77: well, I need to sign out
lavanderblossoms77: you're useless

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