1. I'm bipolar
2. I'm honest aka mean
3. I talk too much
4. I'm rascist
5. Everything for me is one big joke
6. I humiliate myself a lot.
7. I'm loud.
8. I disrespect my parents.
9. I'm selfish for my wants and not yours.
10. I'm freaking mental. i dance and sing too much. people don't like me for some reason, idk, but w.e it is, i h8 that about me.
11. I can argue for hours to the point where i forget what i was argueing about
12. Life for me is timeless since i have already died. Otherwords, i'm just here. Enjoying every minute of it. I have no worrys at all and nothing makes me upset.
13. You can tell me my mom just died and i'll try to find the good in that. maybe a week or so after though. since i need to cry for a while.
14. I live in my head. (not my house.)
15. I think i'm special.
16. I write weird with my left hand and people make fun of me for it.
17. I talk to myself a lot.
18. I stay up until 3:01am on a friday night to get the mental stimulation my brain requires to feel satisfied.
19. I eat a lot of junk food.
20. I'm trapped in a cage of my thoughts. So basically, if i ever wanted to kill myself its because of how i felt in my own brain, not because of anything on earth. This can actually be a good thing because this is also what nursed me back to health.
21. I want attention.
22. I'm spoiled.
23. I hate cleaning and dirty work.
24. don't fit in with what everyone else likes.
25. I'm gay.
26. I'm too independant.