Sup, i'm rachel the philosopher!
I'm a very happy person. i'm my own person and my moods change rapidly. im hippie;
I believe in the good in all people, nature-- the world. I never judge anyone, or anything. I'm very tolerant and will respect you, unless you show any of the following traits.: not tolerant. unfair. rude. stupid. does things without logic. thinks talking back to authority figures and breaking the rules is 'cool.'-- I'm usually hyper and i talk a lot. I'm a non-comformist and hope to find ppl of my own kind. i'm very friendly and like to swing it. I don' love humans, so don't even think about it!
I love them, but like a brotherly love. Never like a love-love. I'm not perverted or sexual. I'm via mind--- nothing else really matters to me but learning, reading, having fun and letting out my extra energy on useless words. Yes, that's me, Rachel Nichole Voskressensky.
I'm going to be a Scientist when i'm older, then i'll invent something, be super rich and become a teacher. All things i very much love. learning, science and putting things together. I'm open-minded and optimistic. I live in the moment of everything i do. nothing makes me feel guilty and i have no pity for other people. Nothing hurts me like it hurts you. I want to learn everything in this entire universe! I'm pretty much happy-go-lucky. I love this world so much. If you have a love for the world, have many interests, and want to learn, then you should be my friend. Oh, and if your hyper, talk a lot, and never calm down. I dream a lot and my minds always thinking, it's crazy!
I'm an Ostrich but nobody understands why.. i kind of don't either, it just came to me. I'm an Ostrich! I'm an Ostrich! -- it just sounds right. If i could have any super power it would be to fly. My special person is the person who i share my many adventure and will always be there! Even to the point where we hate and scream at eachother, if ever. I want to grow my hair long and dye it blonde. My favorite colors are pink and blue, and of course, the rainbow. So yes, CHAT WITH ME. LETS TALK, TALK, TALK. Oh and another thing, i have loads of self confidence, am stubborn, and i never get embarassed. SO BE PREPARED FOR ME TO POINT SOME FINGERS.
I don't get jealous, and i'm very friendly. I have the worst sense of humour, but i laugh allll the time. Random jokes like, "SHUT UP" or stuff i have to think about just gets me butthurt and confused. My kind of jokes are where you state the obvious, where you laugh at something someone did. Pretty much no mind games. I'm not good with mind games.
I love competition, and will probably be having a mini competition in my head to beat you at something. I make jokes with myself and sometimes laugh before i get to tell you. I live in my head and want to get out. I used to like talking to myself, and laughing with myself, but now it bothers me.
I NEED MORE FRIENDS, AND I NEED TO STOP BEING THIS RETARDED AND WEIRD. Chuch, Chuch, whatever you do though, do not touch me. I will use my Ostrich power and kick you! lol, just kidding. But seriously though, do not touch me. The one thing i cannot stand is being touched. It grosses me out and i don't like it. Have a nice day and peace! yES I KNOW, I'M NOT YOUR AVERAGE TOMATO. im HALF TOMATO HALF CORN AND LOVVVVVINNNNG IT. BUDDA BUH BUH BUH, I'M LOVIN IT.
KTHANKS! heart heart heart

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Rover by Jackie French
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
The city of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau