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Name: Tiffiny “Kit”

Age: 18

Race: Angel Reaper
Secondary Race: Blue and White Fox

Abilites: Kit is able to see things before they accure called primanitions. Because of this that trys to stop or fix it before it happens; sometimes it works other times it hasn’t. Kit can also see and speak with ghosts; any where from the spirts of loved ones to demons. She can also control the element of water which comes with being an angel. The reaper part of her is still unknown to her, but what she does know is that she can control 4 Gates that revolve around the Underworld.

Personality: Kit is a very sweet person, she can come off a shy when she wants to be. She is not afraid to speak her mind but sometimes she doesn’t. She’s is a very caring person who will stand up for her friends. When she gets upset, that’s about the time you made need to back off. It takes some pushing before she breaks unless you hit something that is personal. When mad she’s been known to have her blue-green eyes turn to an almost golden-yellow and she gives off a feeling that sends chills down peoples spines.

Background: Kit was born with the ability to see spirits and it grew as she did. When she turned 4 was when it got scary for her. One night her and her brother swiched bed, he slept on the top bunk and she slept on the bottom, a pair of red eyes approached the window. She thought nothing of it till the eyes came at her through the window; she ran and hid in her parent’s bed the rest of the night. At 6 she met a young spirit by the name of Lilly who scard her bad enough that she told everyone what she saw; no one believed her. Through out her school days she was filled with happiness, but sorrow and fear aswell. She grew up being made fun of, teased and even hurt. When she was 10 things got worse for her, but she doesn’t talk about that day. To this day she has grown with what had happened to her, making her strong. She is forever in search of the truth of why she’s here and for people who understand her for who she is; no matter what she is.

Theme song:"Its Not My Time"-3 Doors Down