Kitya is a very unusual young lady and has been somewhat of an outcast because of what she is able to do. When she was born, she had the blood of a fox running through her running through her veins. When her parents learned that she was able to shift into a fox they left her. She grew up on her own when she was about 8. When she turned 13 she learned that she was able to create flames within her hands. The flames were of blue and white, not only to match her fur but also were some of the hottest flames. She made her way into a small town where she then lived until she was about 18 when she left the town to go back to what she had missed...the wood around. Along the way she had come across a wolf that she had befriend. Durning some rough housing, he bit her causing the lycan's blood to now run through her body. Near the end of her 18th year or early into her 19th...she was asked to join a pack; Devoncroix. She now stands proud with her pack, causing a little havac at times with her flames, but remains hyper and fun loving like a pup.

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