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Yea, just some random stuff!
This is where I'll write about anything from my days, to reminders just for myself, or arts I've gotten, etc.
My first entry! ^_^
Note: You can comment things like, i read ur journal entry or just put an emoticons.... i don't care! as long its not like something really mean~~~Most of my journal entrys WILL be public or friends! As you all no i had surgery! btw if u have any question plz don't ask in the comments plz ask by messaging me!
About: This entry is about some of the pplz (w/ some detail bout them) in my life that will often be in my jounal!!


Family: Lil. Sister ~ Jasmine (on gaia IYuna_FFX2 )
- my year younger sis (12 but turning 13 this year)
- she loves anime, manga, games (rpg)
- she doesn't like to talk much at home but does laugh at me a lot wen i do something silly

mom ~ Tieng
-29 years old ( will turn 30 this year)
-luvs watching anime, reading fanfiction, likes to read, likes final fantasy
-always using the computer
-luvs to make dessert but she doesn't do it often

grandma ~ Khea
-does not know how to read
-talks cambodian a lot around the house
-talks loud but she is funny
-likes to watch the news and use youtube to watch cambodian movies

grandpa ~ Ang
-is paralyzed from the waist and down; so is in wheel chair
-watches movies all day! chinese to be specific

Friends: Soraya M.
*some how me and soraya made honors math!
*sometimes to loud
*is helpful

Eileen W. (is on gaia; natsume286)
*likes anime and reads manga
*likes to stay after school just to practice the violin

*really smart
*talks fast
*loves to read

Shamron W.
*a good poet
*loves to pick on soraya!
*plays the cello!

There is more but its going to be long haha! Well at least i got most of my friends on here!

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Dr_Pepper wanna be
Community Member

Mon Jan 25, 2010 @ 05:27pm

i love how u did ur journal. smile keep doing more!! heart

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