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Yea, just some random stuff!
This is where I'll write about anything from my days, to reminders just for myself, or arts I've gotten, etc.
Not Noticing!
Note:Plz comment & Subscribe! any questions plz ask by messaging me! Plz don't critize anybody! in any of my entries!BTW when words are italic and bold <---- That means its a thought from now on!

About: This entry is about whatt happened in math last Friday! ^.^


Ok, so Shamron was sitting in front of Soraya. Shamron loves to pick on Soraya all the time! So Soraya was just talking to me like she always does (i sit right next to her!) and when she talks to me, she faces me.

Anyways she keeps talking and all of a sudden i see Shamron taking her pencil. After like a few seconds Shamron knew that I already found out that Soraya's pencil was gone. Soraya didn't notice till she was done talking to me, about ready to work she looks around and Shamron is like laughing her head off! Shamron kept saying she was going to throw it in the trash! She finally give up and hands back the pencil to Soraya.

10min. later the pencil is gone again and Soraya finds out and asks Shamron to give it back to her but she refuses. I know Shamron still has it but i tell Soraya "It's in the trash in front of the room, I saw Shamron thew it there when you were talking to me!" (we sit at the back of the room) So she walks up to the front of the room and looks in the trash can (trash is right next to the teachers desk and he is sitting at his desk!) She was looking in the trash can for 5 min.!
Then she walks back to her desk and asks me "Seriously, Karie is it in the trash?" and while she asks that Shamron is holding the pencil near her head and gives back the pencil.

Soraya is not good at noticing things when they are gone. For example, at the end of the class Shamron took her math folder and kept it till the next day(mon. this all happened friday) Soraya did not notice till she came back to school mon.!


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Community Member

Tue Jan 26, 2010 @ 11:39pm

hehe ^.^ that's funny!!! well it does sound like soraya!!....Soraya will be Soraya!!! xD.....funny!!! rofl

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