To the person at whom this is directed, you owe Jamais Changeant and Felix J Virgo (me) a sincere and honest apology.

*******, do you want to know why Jam didn't delete your comment?
So she could have evidence of your abuse.

That's very much it. TWICE now have you been warned for harassment and likely asked to stop. Both an administrator and a global mod specializing in abuse have been called in to ask you to stop bothering us, but you keep going.

I have amassed screenshots of all the comments made by you and ourselves in the galleries. However, even though you disabled the ability to view and create new comments on your entry, to my knowledge, a moderator can still view them and see how you reacted to us initially.

On top of that, you falsely report us for harassment when we have really done no such thing to you. We reacted to your abuse without being abusive ourselves. We'd have received official warnings by now were we really abusing your person. Granted, my publicly posting this here is continuance, but you're better off realizing that we didn't start this and that we have been found not at fault in this issue.

I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate your thinking that a sob story will make me be nicer towards you when you've been a right-out jerk towards my person and Jamais. So please ... for all that is great and good, please drop the matter and apologize for your part in this.

You DO owe the two of us an apology. Should you deliver on that, I will delete my comments. But you will answer for yours and your part.