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*chapter 1*
“Man, the Miz and Big Show really know how to fight!” exclaimed Shawn. It was after a match and Shawn and Hunter had just entered the locker room. “True that.” Hunter replied as he looked at Shawn, who was taking off his shirt, and blushed. ‘Damn it. Why do I have to love him?’ Hunter thought to himself. Shawn spotted Edge, John Cena and Randy Orton and ran off to talk to them “Talk to ya later!” Shawn yelled. xp “When am I going to tell Shawn that I love him?” Hunter asked himself. “You haven’t told him yet?!” exclaimed a voice. Surprised, Hunter turned around to see a hyper Jeff Hardy right behind him with Matt speed walking after him. “Jeff what did I tell you about getting into peoples business?” asked Matt. “Nag, nag, nag, nag. I was just asking a question! He doesn’t mind! Right Hunter?” Jeff asked. “Uh…” Hunter wasn’t paying any attention.
‘Shawn… I love you…’ he repeated over and over in his mind until he felt a hand on his shoulder. “You know if you don’t tell him now, someone else in particular will try to take him…” Jeff told Hunter while looking at John Cena who was obviously flirting with Shawn. “Damn that Cena… I can’t leave Shawn alone with that guy for one second without him trying to flirt with Shawn!” Hunter said jealously. “Well, It’s either you tell Shawn you love him, or you can watch as Cena gets closer and closer to getting in his pants. It’s your choice.” Jeff told Hunter bluntly. Matt nudged Jeff in the side with his elbow. Jeff looked up at Matt who was giving him a dirty look. “What? I’m just saying!” Jeff said. “So, are you going to tell…?” Jeff was interrupted when he realized that Hunter was gone.
Hunter’s heart was racing. He had left a note in Shawn’s locker asking Shawn to meet him behind the Wells Fargo Arena (since they were in Iowa at the time… loll). ‘This is it Hunter’ he told himself ‘You have to tell him! You don’t want Cena after him!’ Hunter looked up, watching the clouds pass by as he waited. “Hunter! I found you!” Hunter heard. As Hunter turned around, his heart beat rapidly as he faced Shawn. “Was there something you wanted to tell me?” Shawn asked. Hunter took a deep breath. If he was going to tell Shawn he loved him, it had to be now. “Shawn I…” “There you are, Shawn!” a voice exclaimed. It was Cena. “What are YOU doing here? Hunter asked impatiently. “I was looking for my Shawnee Boy!” Cena replied. “What…?” Hunter asked confused. ‘His Shawnee Boy? What the hell was he talking about?’ Shawn looked at Hunter and said “Oh! I didn’t tell you did I! I’m-” “Shawn is dating me.” Cena said bluntly while interrupting Shawn.
All Hunter could do was stare.
Hunter felt his chest tighten up as the anger rose inside. He felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. “Is there something you wanted to tell Shawn?” Cena said mockingly. Hunter looked at John then at Shawn. “No… I-I forgot… I guess I…I’ll talk to you later, Shawn…” Hunter said and walked away. “Hunter seems sad… maybe I should talk to him…” “Nah, he’ll be fine.” John Cena assured Shawn. Shawn nodded and watched as Hunter walked away. sad

~More to come soon~

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