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I won't leave a real message... No one reads my journal anyway...
Dear Friend,

Today, I was really happy. Happy for the first time in a long time. I was able to talk openly, I laughed alot, and although I felt scared at some points, everyone stood by me and made me feel good! And all this happened... Despite you not being there...

I think... Maybe... There's a reason behind my feeling good... When you're around, I try so hard to be nice, and to not say anything mean to you, or to make you feel bad... Maybe... Am I trying too hard? I like being around you, and I like listening to you talk with our friends! I like how I can rely on you for the things that I need, and how I can talk freely with you about anything! Those things are especially wonderful redeeming qualities of you! Not just those, either... You're smart, thoughtful, and good-looking... And our other friends let you know that. We all let you know how much you mean to us... But maybe...

Maybe I try to hard to be a good friend?

And by trying so hard...

I end up being...

The imperfect person, the one that can't face you...

It's hard for me to say things like this... I've never been good with words, and I always mess up... Anyway, I hope you can forgive me for anything bad I said, and we can still be friends!

And please, don't take any of this as an insult...


"Misery loves Company
And Company loves More
More loves Everybody Else
But Hell is others"

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