me and noah met when we were5 we were best friends he was awesome. he always shared things wth me he always made me laugh. but as we got older he started hanging out with a guy named sam, sam was an a**. he always would pick on me he didnt even know me back then. but i always knew even though sam would pick on me i had noah. noah would whack sam up side the head if i started to cry over something he had said to me. ut noah didnt like it. noah told me to stay awy from x but i didnt listen. after another day went by i was rushed out of the class by a bunch of my friends saying that noah and x were getting into a fight. i rushed to them and tryed to stop the fight but the next thng uu know i was lying rght on my back because noah unintensih why they were fighting he said over unaly hit me. noah caried me to the nurse. he was there till i woke up he was saying sorry and that he would never hurt me , he put me in his arms and craddled me back andforth. i asked nozh why they were fighting he said because i dont like his hands on u and i said well it none of ur buisness ur with addison . he looked at me with so much pleasure in his eyes. it was like the old noah again. then after that we kissed, his lips wer so lit upon my own. he was my noah again.