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the guys of my life.
baby cuz.
my auntie crystal had here baba. my new baby cuz is so cute. i cant wait to see her. she is only 6 pounds. she is so adorable. she has finally opened her eyes. i couldnt be happier. and i get to be her godmother. i cant wait to see her start to :walk, talk,and become a real sanchez. im so happy. whee whee whee razz razz razz 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
i finally got to hold her. she was a sleep in y arms. but she woke up, she is so sweet. i hope she stays this sweet.

the list.
and alot more guys im friends with.

blasting through people.
blowing up in peoples faces.
letting them have wats really on my mind .
telling them all to go to h*ll.
just screaming and yelling.
influenced so much by my parents im praticle them .
i hate that im so much like them.

let it pour through u ,
let break through,
let it engulf u, let it eat away at u,
let it strangle ur inner most strength.
let the violence take over. let it sweep u
off ur feet. let it take charge.
let the violence control u,
it feels a whole lot better when u let it take over u.

just make it stop. all they ever do is yell.
running up the stairs to get away.
slamming the door to my room,
turn on the stereo,
blare the music so that u cant hear.
the thrash against the door ,
yelling for u to turn it down.
what do u do turn the dial up some more,
the steadily yell for u ,
but u dont feel like answering them.
u turn the dial up one more time.
right be fore they bust through the door,
.....................(pop)....... silence at last no more yelling
it feels so good not to hear them scream any more. cool

melvinis a good friend of mine he is smart loves anime , he love tnirvanna he is awesome. noah does not like melvin. but we r still friends . melvin is bit of a horn dog . but he is a really great guy. and i i love that about him.love the way he is not shy about any thing,

me and noah met when we were5 we were best friends he was awesome. he always shared things wth me he always made me laugh. but as we got older he started hanging out with a guy named sam, sam was an a**. he always would pick on me he didnt even know me back then. but i always knew even though sam would pick on me i had noah. noah would whack sam up side the head if i started to cry over something he had said to me. ut noah didnt like it. noah told me to stay awy from x but i didnt listen. after another day went by i was rushed out of the class by a bunch of my friends saying that noah and x were getting into a fight. i rushed to them and tryed to stop the fight but the next thng uu know i was lying rght on my back because noah unintensih why they were fighting he said over unaly hit me. noah caried me to the nurse. he was there till i woke up he was saying sorry and that he would never hurt me , he put me in his arms and craddled me back andforth. i asked nozh why they were fighting he said because i dont like his hands on u and i said well it none of ur buisness ur with addison . he looked at me with so much pleasure in his eyes. it was like the old noah again. then after that we kissed, his lips wer so lit upon my own. he was my noah again.

a guy
today a good friend of mine fell off anothers friends roof xd . poor thing he was in pain poor thing crying crying . he barely could walk, he was leaning all over me ,he was stubbling along. crying sam ,and the twins were trying to help me get him to the hospital but he didnt feel like going so we went to my nana's house. nana she gave him some medicne and told him to scream evil twisted " suck it up, and you're a football player how pathetic. " she was a little hard on him. noah was so out of it he had to lay down. after he passed out , not even two seconds later he started to snore. he was so loud. it sounded as though he was an elephant. xp xp after i knew he was asleep i turned on the computer and started to listen to one of my favorite songs by natasha bedingfield "i wanna have your babies". after i started to sing the nxt thing i knew noah had his arms around me . i slowly leaned into his big arms. he just let me lean into him he was so warm i couldnt resist it. he started to kiss my neck . heart he was so gentle just tenderly brushing his lips against me. 4laugh it was very sweet

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Ultra irish god
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