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D< !!!!!!!

Me and my two friends were gonna make a birthday box for Josh who lives in Austin now to go to school there... so the day we were gonna get together was going to be at Sara's house which is half way between my house and Gloria's... now Sara and Gloria go to the same school and I go to the one that next to my house... wouldn't it just make SENSE that Sara take Gloria WITH her to her own house?... no... They told me to pick Gloria up ... so go from my school all the way to her house back half way to my house to Sara's and then I would end up having to take her back home after we were done... and then drive ALL the way from Gloria's to my house again... I'm talking across town when I'm saying this... so I ASKED Gloria to just ask IF sara could just take her instead.. she said fine but then on the day we were going to go she texts me asking "When are you picking me up?" I'm like WHAT?? then I say "I thought Sara was gonna take you with her" and she reacts (she's also texting Sara as they always do at the time) with "what you don't wanna be around me anymore?" Where did that come from?? I never said I didn't wanna be with her! then all of a sudden I get a text message from sara "Gloria said you weren't going to take her. You have the supplies with you. Are you going to do this with us or not because I need to know If I need to stay friends with you or not" O.O I'm like WTH at this point.... not knowing what to say to either of them... Then when I try to explain to sara what happened she replies "This isn't about you it's about Joshie." as if I was EVER being selfish....

yes... yes... I love them... little bas-tards

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