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My Randomness
You may find this journal annoying or peculiar or brilliant(though i doubt it) depending on who you are. if you don't like what i have written, then do not read it. all that is there is just a torrent of words from the back of my mind.
So. today is about 2 months since my last entry. and since then, a lot has happened. here's an overview: first i went to japan for two weeks. then when we got home, my grand parents were over at my house. then they left a week after. a few weeks later school started and then my aunt and her family came over from china. they left last monday and now my family is by ourself.

we went to Tokyo first, arriving at the airport and waiting a few hours to get a japan rail pass. then we took yet another hour to get to our hotel at shinagawa. we walked around every single day and most nights. we had our first meal in japan; which consisted of some bentou boxes from seven eleven since all the other restaurant were closed. the first day in japan, we got lost in the train station.... well my mum did. she was looking for a place to get tickets as well as someone who could tell us which platform/train to get on to go to a place called ginza. and she left the rest of our family to look around. we found that japanese people walk really fast. about an hour later she reappeared and we got on our way. and so we begun to grasp the railway system and from then on, we used the train every day.

a week in tokyo passed and we went on a bullet train to kyoto. it was supposed to be relatively small... but in our first day in kyoto, we decided to walk to the temples. and thought it would only be a 30 -1 hr walk. it ended up 3-4 hours to walk there (along with a lunch and toilet break) and by 6pm, we were completely lost until my dad spotted a sign saying 'chinese restaurant' which i at first didn't want to go since we are chinese and we should be eating japanese food in japan... if you get what i mean. we met this really cute jap guy ... who wasn't cute in being hot or watnot, but he just was really nice and helped give us directions to some more temples and the way home. so we eventually got our way home and decided to walk back to the hotel... seeing as we walked so far already and on the map it said we were close.... but we didn't learn from our mistake earlier and it took another 1hr to get to our hotel :S

so a few days in kyoto, and then we were gone to hiroshima. at hiroshima, we once again walked to our hotel....... and it was so freaking hard cause me and my dad were lugging around to massive bags containing all my family's stuff (6 of us). so by the end of it, i was practically dying. we pretty much did a lot of sight seeing: seeing the a-bomb sight and when the the memorial museum/park. we also looked around and went to the market places and yeah.

so that's basically what we did in japan. we got home, and our grand parents were in our house (they'd been living in it for a couple of weeks now) and we found our pantry practically empty!. so we went shopping the next day and had dinner at my aunt's place. time passed, i went on gaia and mucked around. played some guitar hero (and if you've read my previous entries, you'll know i completely love it!) we got 3 new wii games as well. they were really cheap and altogether cost $25 due to the sales after christmas. biggrin and one of the games were, to my delight, guitar hero metallica. so i played it and some of the songs were really hard on expert biggrin and despite failing a million times it just got more funner cause i personally love challenges. so yeah biggrin

time passed, school started. i loved all my subjects. and by the fourth day of school my aunt, auncle and my cute little cuz came. my cute little cuz wasn't little any longer. the last time i saw him, he was as tall as me.... now he was about 1.7m and he..... how should i describe it..... was incredibly shy???... well he didn't talk a lot.... gosh, one time we were like playing around, tickling each other and now... he was so quiet.... anyways. we had some good times with him. i.e. playing snap at my uncle's place and going shopping with my mum and their family and getting him a psp.

and so. after 1 and a 1/2 weeks, they left which was rather sad sad and we resumed our normal schedules until.... i suddenly had a determination to get guitar hero 3 after finding out we couldn't get it new in stores. and so i looked and i am yet to bid for it on ebay biggrin and, i can NOT tell you; how excited i am! you may call me obsessed but i don't care. guitar hero is truly my favourite game of all time and has been since i first was introduced to the game a few years ago.

anyways. that's all for now. gotta do ... A LOT of homework sad
xoxo. artemis

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