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Sesshy's Journal

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Dang...so crazy.....~
hmmmmmmm...for some odd reason I ended up closing with Jose G. today. *sighs* I can't complain it wasn't ALL bad. He did wash all those dishes for me!!!! *GASPS* except for the grills!!!!!! *finally realizing that* OMG!!!! GODIENT IS GOING TO BE SO PISSED AT ME!!!! crying oh well, won't worry about that until thrus~ XD ah ahahahahahhahah I have 2marrow off!!!! ^_^ but yea about today hmmmmmmm...puzzling besides exciting and stimulating conversation was held today between us. *sighs* Mainly about in-depth sex convo. Casual talk for me. ^^ But yea it was weird because I expected him to get all defensive about it but it was quite the opposite. He opened up and answered me honestly which was quite surprising for me. I also realized that me and him sort of share the same personality as one another which is also very surprising. hmmmmmm...I thought he was a rabbit but apparently he is a Rabbit. hmmmm...I have a friend rabbit and it does explain some of his chara but yea it is a weird cool. I know he is a womanizer but hey what guy isn't? *laughs* But it was cool to actually talk to him in normal/casual convo~ ^^ quite refreshing. AND it was good that Jose Q wasn't there to interrupt us. *sighs* Seriously that Q guy can get quite annoying and has the natural knack of RUINING the atmosphere~ :/ But yea Jose was cool. He helped me out ALOT today and somehow seemed to linger close by even after I was heading home. *laughs* Apparently Dennis got all mad b/c he thought me and him were doing something back there. *laughs again* And he's not the only one that thinks that way. Other co-workers think that something is going on btwn us b/c he is ALWAYS hanging about me and talking about me and calling out my name CONSTANTLY even when I'm not there. Like always asking about me and asking, "Where's Tina at?" as he yells for me over and over again. *sighs* He is crazy! *laughs again* I know he likes me but I don't like him. I honestly don't. I don't date co-workers and I don't do married men (yep he is married). I guess that is also a cause for the flame of rumors btwn us b/c he is a married man. hmmmmm...but apparently that fact didn't stop him from telling me that he wanted something new (basically he told me he wanted a new girl to sum it up) I told him that was terrible and he laughed it off. Jose G is something else. Also mentioned Alee through out the convo. hmmmmm...I'm guessing that he likes me too. *shrugs* But I'm not his type and neither is he mine. We are worlds apart and fight all the time (playful jesting amongst one another! XD) It is so fun when we fight and I make him mad. *laughs* I love fighting with Alee b/c he is so CRAZY! XD But yea work is something else. I might just miss those guys when we all go our separate ways~ *sighs* Oh well, I'll save that for another day. ^^ *waves*


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