Nemu the Cat, And the Angel with Black Wings

Running was just about all I could do. They’re catching up, I thought. I have to use my anima. STOP. This is just the beginning of the story and right now you might be wondering, “What’s an anima?” Well, I’m here to tell you. See, there are two types of people in this world. Humans, the guys who are chasing me right now. Then there’s anima, me. An anima is someone who has animal like abilities and can change fully or part way into one. Long ago the humans would worship the anima because it would be thought that the anima would be closer to heaven and nature then anyone else. Then fear struck upon humans and all anima were forced into slavery. It is present time right now and slavery still exists. While some are waiting for freedom to come, I gave up on that hope years ago.

I soon skidded to a stop to be facing a big, large, huge, brick wall. I quickly looked back at the other end of the alleyway and saw that they had slowed down. There’s no way I can escape now, I thought. Now I know I have no choice. Before I could change into my anima, a miracle happened. A black feather floated down from the sky. Soon after, a boy did too. He landed on my attackers, making them fall unconscious. I ran over to him while having a ton of questions going through my head. Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he an anima too? My head started to hurt, so I stopped thinking. When I saw him, I realized that he was about my age. The boy had silky black hair and a soft face. I can’t just leave him here, adding a thought to my headache. I should take him somewhere safe, away from these people. With just that thought, I added up all of my strengths and carried him away.

The young boy woke up right after I took him in an abandon barn to rest. I was kind of surprised by what he said when he first woke up. “You got any food?”
“Um, excuse me?“ I asked unsure of what he said. “Food,” he replied. “You know, the stuff that you eat.”
I finally realized on what he was saying, “Oh, food!” He rolled his eyes as I started to searched through my bag for some food. A minute later I found a piece of bread folded into a handkerchief. “Here,” I said handing him the bread. “It’s the only thing I have so you better savor it.” Ignoring me like I was just a pointless fly buzzing around, the boy ate the bread in one bite.
Man, I thought. This guy has no manners at all. “So kitty,” he started to say. “Where am I?”
“You’re in the capital of Vandalia,” I replied to his question and then asked my own. “Why’d you call me kitty?”
“Well you are a cat anima, right?” My heart skipped a beat I thought, maybe it did.
“How?” I whispered, scared now that someone else might be listening. “How’d you know?”
“I can sense other anima, unlike most people” he replied also in a whisper. “Why are we whispering?” He then smiled and I shrugged, realizing on how stupid I must seem to be overprotective about my anima.
“How can you sense other anima?” I asked.
“Dunno,” the boy said. “Same way as how we’re born with an anima. ”Nodding, I started to think a bit. Who is this guy and why do I wanna keep playing twenty questions with him?
Then I decided to ask, “what’s your anima?”
“Bird,” he stated.
“Where are you from?”
“Tabitha,” he answered with a grin on his face. “Far east side.”
“That far?!?” I said shouting in surprise. “No wonder why you were hungry,” I replied to my own statement. “But why are you so far from home?”
“To give the king this,” he said as he reached into what seemed to be a mail bag. The boy handed me a letter and I started to read.

“King Guiche L. Montmorency II of Vandalia,

We have had enough. Your neighboring country Tabitha, has been clamed by Henrry D. Vonden leader of Anima. We issue for your surrender in a peaceful and mannerly way. For if you shall not meet the requirements we bring upon you, war will be set. We do not wish for war but for what’s best for our people. Equality among each other is what is prized, and eternal freedom for all.”

I stopped reading there and questioned a specific word on the letter that kept on popping out at me. “War,” I quoted as I gave him back the letter. “War? How could there be war?”
“For a long time now,” he started. “Anima have been longing for freedom and hanging onto hope for a way to get out of slavery. Don’t you think its time that we show our true power on what an anima can really do?”
I sighed. “I gave up on that dream years ago.” The boy frowned at me and then stood up.
He put the letter back into his bag and then said, “even though you gave up on it doesn’t mean that it still wont come true.” With that he shifted his black wings out and stared back at me. I didn’t really know why, but I felt envious of him. To have all that courage and those beautiful back wings, I felt like an ant that someone could crush on the ground and wouldn’t even know it.
Finally he asked his last question, “What’s your name?”
“Nemu,” I said as I gave him his answer.
“Nemu, I’ll remember that.” Right before I knew it the boy jumped out of the window and flew off, with only two words to say. “Goodbye Nemu!”
I raced toward the window he flew out of and called out to him. “Wait! What’s your name?!” He never would answer me, and I would never see him again.

Two years later the war was finally over and peace was restored. There was no more slavery to anima and Henrry D. Vonden was named a hero. I knew better than that, for I knew the true hero. The one who started it all, the one who gave hope back to all the anima. The one whose name I would never know.

The angel with black wings.

The End.