Extra RP thing I wanted to get rid of, but not erase.

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Just his presence of being in the same room with him gave her chills. Nemu was always scared of whoever she meets. Trust was an issue with her, and it will always be. This guy was different. His eyes seem so familiar, Nemu thought with a bad memory coming into her. The eyes almost seems just like.... Fear came over her, along with a clear vision of the past.
The scarlet blood and the sweet smell was everywhere. "How could you do this!" Nemu yelled with anger into the darkness of where a shadow was standing. "How could you kill all of them!" Dead body's of humans were laying everywhere around her and the unknown shadow. "You know that we can't let them live," a golden voice answered. "Besides, I'm not the only one to blame." The shadow stepped out and showed his face with an evil grin. But it wasn't the grin that scared her, it was his eyes of hatred. "You killed them too, remember?" Nemu looked down at her hands, and all she could see was the color of scarlet and his eyes.
Nemu awoke from her vision screaming. She looked up at the two who were staring at her like she was crazy. Sweating and having trouble breathing, Nemu managed to speak in a whisper. "Your eyes, they look like, my brothers." Still gasping for air, she fell unconscious into a deep sleep.