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This is for everyone who is at least a tiny bit interested in the braindead me xD
3-Months-Angel - Chapter 1 Just another Morning
Han Chun Hei POV

~Ring Ring Ring~

"Urg...noooooos...Wanna sleep..." I reached out to turn off my classic, round and damn annoying alarm clock, but it slipped out of my hand, fell to the floor and rolled out of my reach to the other side of my room still ringing. I glared at the clock as if glaring at it could make it shut up. After a minute glaring I sighed and stood up from my bed, walked over to the clock, turned it off, placed it back on its usual place on my night table and slipped back into the comfortable softness of my bed.

Just then when I was about to fall asleep again, the door of my room burst open and an irritated sounding voice called out to me. "Chun Hei unnie! Wake up! Can't you wake up on your own accord for once? If it weren't for umma forcing me to wake you up every morning, you would be known as the queen of tardiness at school since long ago..." I heard my younger sister huff annoyed. "Unnie! You hear me? Wake up! Do you want to be late on the first day of school?" I only groaned and buried my face deeper into the pillow. I heard her shuffle out of the room only to come back after a few minutes and then...


"Wha... Yah! Hei Ryung, What was that for?!" I glared at my sister who was standing in front of my bed with a now empty glass smirking while looking down at my drenched self and bed which was just as wet as I was. "Look at what you did! It looks like I wet my bed!" I shouted frustrated knowing that I would have to change the bed sheets later.

She snickered.

Wait. What? Did she just laugh at me? This little...!

I jumped her and held her head in a death lock. Or rather that's what I had intended to do, but she dodged me and quickly ran out of the room downstairs. Fuming I ran after her.

"Hei Ryung! Come here and let me strangle you, you little...!"

"As if I would actually do that~" I heard her chime.

"You know it's no use running. I will catch you sooner of later."

I made my way to the living room which was connected to an open kitchen by a dining area. And there she was. The only thing standing between us was the wooden dining table. Hei Ryung still had that ******** smirk on her face. I closed the living room door behind my back.

“You can’t escape.” I said with an evil grin.

“You wish.” She scoffed.

Silence. We both waited for the other to make their next move just like in those western movies when the cowboys were in the middle of a duel.


I charged, ran around the table and nearly got her, but she avoided my hand skillfully.

What the heck! Is she some kind of eel or what? Always escaping my grasp in the last second…

I chased her around the table completely oblivious of our mother cooking in the kitchen until we heard her voice. “Girls, I’m glad you two are so lively in the morning, but if you don’t get ready for school anytime soon, you are going to be late for school. Seriously, you two are already in High School, 16 and 17 years old and you still behave like elementary school kids.” She paused and looked up from cooking seeing Hei Ryung and me standing awkwardly next to the dining table still wearing our pajamas. A sigh escaped her mouth. “Now, get ready, will you…”

“Yes, umma~” My sister and me sang in unison.

We went upstairs to our rooms, but not without a bit of friendly bickering. Even if Hei Ryung and me were fighting all the time, we couldn’t stay mad at each other for long. Our fights were just proof of how good our relationship was.


So...How was the first chapter? Btw. The different colored things sre her thoughts... Feel free to comment~

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