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This is for everyone who is at least a tiny bit interested in the braindead me xD
3-Months-Angel - Chapter 2 Eun Ae, Dae Ho and who?
Han Chun Hei POV

45 minutes later we were all set for school wearing our school uniforms consisting of a white blouse, a grey pleated skirt, a blue blazer and a blue and red stripped ribbon.

After eating breakfast Hei Ryung and I went to school together. It was her very first day at SK High School. So I would have to help her out finding her way around school since it was my second year there. The way to school only took up like 15 minutes by foot.

As we approached the school gate I saw a familiar figure standing there and waving at us. It was Eun Ae, my best friend since like forever or more like since elementary school.

"Morning, you two." she greeted us in her typical happy and outgoing way. "I so missed you!" she exclaimed while hugging us tightly leaving us no room to breath.

I laughed.

"Eun Ae, it's good to see you, too." I said hugging her back.

Hei Ryung choked still not being able to breath due to the tight embrace.

"C-can't b-breath..." she stuttered.

Eun Ae squeezed us one last time and then let go of us satisfied.

Guess, her need for skinship was stilled for now. Not seeing us during the vacation must have made her Han-sisters-deprived. Kekeke I know, I'm being conceited. Haha Not as if it bothers anyone xp .

"So how was your vacation in LA?" Eun Ae wanted to know.

"Nice, but a bit boring without you there." I replied truthfully, "I wish you could have been there. We could have gone swimming in the ocean and not to forget shopping together..."

Chattering about our vacations we didn't pay any attention to the flow of students slowly decreasing. Not until we heard the first school bell ring.

~Ring Ding Dong~

(A/N Kekeke I'm a SHINee fan, so I just had to use this xd Oh, how I miss their Ring ding dong hair~)

"Oh s**t! The first bell! Hurry up or we're gonna be late!" We three shouted hurrying into the building to our lockers, getting our books and then rushing to our classes.

Eun Ae and me had homeroom together. So we dropped Hei Ryung off at her classroom and then proceeded in running to our own class. We opened the door at the same time as the second bell rang.

Phew... Just in time...or not... sweatdrop

The teacher, Mr. Choi, was already there and looked at us with clear disapproval in his eyes.

"Sorry for our tardiness..." Eun Ae and I mumbled under our breaths walking to our seats all eyes following us.

I sat down and heard a soft chuckle coming from my left side. Turning around a smile came onto my lips as I saw Dae Ho, my other childhood friend, grin at me.

"Yo." he mouthed lifting his left hand in a small wave.

"Yo." I whispered back and then turned to the front again to pay attention to the teacher who was taking attendance knowing full well that if I were to be caught chattering in Mr. Choi's class, I would definitely have to receive a severe punishment.

"Han Chun Hei."

"Here." I raised a hand to show that I was really there.

Mr. Choi only glanced at me and then moved on to the next name on his list only to be answered with "Here." again.


"Seo Kwan."

No answer.

"Seo Kwan!"

Still no answer.

A courageous girl raised her hand. "Choi-seonsaengnim, I think Seo Kwan-ssi is absent." she said stating what was obvious to everyone in the room.

"I can see that myself." Mr. Choi shot her a glare.

The poor girl shrank under his heated glare wincing a bit and sliding deeper into her seat.

Seriously, that teacher's gotta take some chill pills to get his a** cooled off.

Suddenly, the sliding door slammed open revealing a guy who wore his uniform in a sloppy way like I have seen delinquents wear them.

"And you are?" Mr. Choi asked arching an eyebrow in an arrogant manner.

"Seo Kwan..." was the answer he received while the boy walked past him and fell onto the only empty seat in the back of the classroom by the window.

Everyone was ogling him while he seemed completely oblivious to the stares and just looked out of the window.

Mr. Choi looked like he was about to explode due to the boiling anger caused by the arrogance which the boy had shown by coming too late to his class and then not even apologizing for his tardiness .

"Poor guy." I heard Dae Ho next to me whisper, "Choi-seonsaengnim is so gonna make his school life hell."

"Hm..." was the only sound I made as I still looked at the guy named Seo Kwan.

He, Seo Kwan, was pretty good-looking for a delinquent with raven not too long hair, high cheek bones, a straight nose, nicely shaped lips and a good body build. The only thing marring his good looks were the many bruises and scratches visible to everyone’s eyes. I was sure I would have noticed someone like that in our school before. So that meant that that guy was new at SK High.

"Oi. You are staring holes into the poor guy's face."

"Am not!" I hissed at Dae Ho who just shrugged grinning with a naughty expression on his face.

"Hmpf." crossing my arms I stubbornly stared at Mr. Choi who had finished taking attendance and was now beginning with the actual lesson.

During the next lesson I didn't look back at the intriguing boy in the back because my pride didn't let me. It wasn't like I fell in love with him or something. I just thought that that guy seemed interesting to talk to.

You might think that I'm crazy because I want to talk to a delinquent who could beat the s**t out of me any second, but I believe that there is more to him than that bad boy image he's been perfectly portraying since he entered the classroom. There might be a soft heart hiding behind that hard facade and I would love to be the one he opens up to, not as a lover but as a friend, of course. xp

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