Well this is where I'll show the beginning of each character's life. Now, I start with Zhao Shi!

The Year of the Dragon, Winter. A small village in the Shu Empire was razed to the ground by bandits. In the ruins...

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Little Boy : *crying* Papa! Mama!

A distance away from the burning village...

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Young Boy : Dad! Look smoke!
Warrior : Hmm.. Must be a fire..
Young Boy : What do we do, dad ?
Warrior : Stay here, son!
Young Boy : Dad ?
The Warriors runs off towards the smoke.
Young Boy : Dad!! No!!

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Warrior : By the Heavens...

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Little Boy : MAMA!!! PAPA!!

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Warrior : Come, m'boy! Come come!
*picks the little boy up and escapes the ruins*

13 years later, Changkong village...
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Zhao Shi : Aaaahh! This is goood!
Zhao Kai : Pfft! Why you' sittin' so close ?!
Zhao Shi : Oi! I got an idea!
Zhao Kai : Pfft! I bet it's like all your brilliant ideas ?!
Zhao Shi : No it's better! We'll... go peek on the girls' baths!
Zhao Kai : What ? You crazy!
Zhao Shi : Cmoooon!
Zhao Kai : *sigh* Fiiine!

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Zhao Shi : *gets out of hot springs* Ok let's go!!
Zhao Kai : You fool! Get a friggin' towel!