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Brandon - Reading 2012
Excuse me. I had trouble translating and interpreting some cards.

January – Ace of cups
1/ace means powerful energy. Creativity, beginning. It all starts here.

Someone might show up, unexpected.

- Feelings, susceptibility
- femininity
- love and friendship
- unexpected gift.

February – two of pentacles
2 means negativity and positivity.
Don’t get yourself out of balance. Accept your indecisions. Be open for new situations.

- balance
- indecision

March - 5 of swords

5 symbolizes a new development.

You might experience the feeling of being abandoned. Because you lost a fight, could a fight with yourself.

- loss, abandonment
- shame, humility
- suffering of winning and losing.
- Losers and winners

April – page of wands
Maybe it’s time to have a little bit of fun in life. Be the lover, the dancer, Meet new people, make friends. Have faith. But be careful. There’s always danger lurking.

- Traveler through life
- Lover
- Ready to travel
- Having faith
- Simple.

May – Judgment
There is something new coming into your life.

- rebirth
- Light
- reunification

June – page of pentacles
You don’t want to make your hands dirty? Maybe you have to do it anyway. It’s always a good thing to learn more than you already know. You’ll be surprised over something this month.

- Student
- Learning
- Here and now
- Looking for adventures

July – strength
Haven’t your old wounds healed yet? By accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are inside out you will come far. You haven’t seen it all from the world, and you’re transforming, changing. This journey won’t have a steady ground.

- Strength
- femininity
- Letting go of your will
- Happiness
- Haven’t seen it all
- Look inside of you
- Walking on a not so steady ground
- Transformation through the years
- Body and soul in harmony
- Accept yourself and love yourself.

August – 6 of pentacles
6 is the number of consciousness of the past, today and the future.
Are you the giver or the taker? A little greedy, and you don’t like giving out too much money. But it’s never a bad idea to share a little bit with others.

- Sharing with others
- The weak needs a stronger one. Like the stronger needs a weaker one.
- Social work
- Giving and taking for help

September – knight of cups
You’re declined for something. But don’t give up, and offer something in return. Who knows it will help you.

- Friend
- Religious
- Is your cup half full, or half empty?
- You want to take and give

October – 8 of cups
8 is also the number of , changes, cycles, and death.

You’re looking for something that is missing. But there are more possibilities to get it back. Maybe it’s not what you’re looking for.

- There are more possibilities, fullness, capitulations
- More possibilities
- Leaving behind, let go of achievements.
- The search continues.
- Follow your intuition
- A call, desire
- Somethings missing

November – the Devil
You’re stuck with your feelings, emotions and illusions. Wake up! Stop being jealous, your egoism will get your in trouble. Open your eyes and be free.

- ignorance
- Sinners
- Sex, anger
- Being prisoned
- Remembering memories
- Egoism
- dependency

December – 3 of wands
3 means fertility
Sometimes the best thing to do is letting go of the past. They will be memories that pass by like ships in the sea. You will need to take risks, but that won’t be a problem for you. You’re ready to live life.

- Looking for the new, the unknown
- Taking risks
- Memories
- Living in the now
- Waiting for the right moment
- Let go of the past
- Strength.

Summary - the star
This year will be about strength, and giving. You got nothing to hide for anyone and you’ll be harmony. Of course there will be some bad things to, you have to give and take. You meet new people and new ideas. But you also have to have a little bit fun, and let go of the past.

- infinity
- awareness
- fertility
- Strength
- Give, give, give
- Nothing to hide
- Harmony

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