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Ch 4 : Its Always Tweek's turn (Mostly)

When I woke up, Tweek was still sleeping. I kinda thought about what he said last night about that he would do whatever with me. As I rubbed my cheeks as I thought dirty thoughts, I don't know why,but I just kinda wanted Tweek to just,Well,love
me.You know like a BF?? I dunno why but I think I'm starting to feel something with Tweek,but I can't understand it. As I got up to eat some Cheerios, I saw that Tweek was having a bad dream,soo I went over to his bedside and like, comforted him in a super best friendship kind of matter. Well,what I did to Tweek
In his sleep made him blush in his sleep and like wake up a few seconds after the comforting deed was done. When Tweek woke up I said,"Good Morning my little Tweekers!!" I think I gave Tweek a really big warm smile. Tweek was like OMFG you smiled at me and like you actually smiled!!! Tweek said,But I thought you were a sociopath and couldn't feel genuine feelings??!!" I quickly put my index finger to his lips and said,"Shh, don't talk anymore, you'll mess up my plan for tonight." Tweek then remembered what he agreed and said to Craig last night. Tweek remembered that he told Craig that Tweek would do whatever with Craig, if Craig would rub Tweek on his face with his hand to wake him up. And what do you know,the next morning Craig does it to him. Craig smiled and said, "It's a bonus because I relieved you from your bad dream!!" Tweek said,"Okay,but what are you going to do to me tonight???" Craig said,"Oh Tweekers,you'll find out later,and you'll change for me and youll love it, just as much as I love you-I-I mean Red Racer!!" Tweek was like,smiling and not twitching for once. I think it's like we both feel the same way for each onther and help cure each other and mean it. By mean it I mean mean it,like do it because of love or (in Clyde's case) tacos. I couldn't help but have the feeling that Tweek would anticipate for me to please him in some loving way. I don't know why I thought this,but I also thought that Tweek would really want to do the same to me somehow. ;D

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