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Ch 7:Together Forever: After yesterday night,I thought Tweek and I would stick together like give until we got out of this hell house,and we did. We held hands,smiled,giggled,laughed,and ate together all day today. It was the best day ever! Oh,and I saw that Clyde kid. I think he likes Token now,because,well,Token is like his bbf.and that go together like strawberries and chocolate. Get it? Anyways,Tweek wanted to know more about me,so he asked me about my unhappy childhood. It was painful to retell,but for Tweek,I'd do anything for him. I told Tweek that my parents were loving parents until they found out that I was a sociopath. When my parents found out,at first they tried to help me ,but then when it failed,then they threw me in this Mental Insitution. THE END. Tweek's face was filled with guilt and he had his puppy sad face on,but I looked at him with sympathy and said,"It's okay,none of it's your fault!" I gave him a little smile. Tweek cheered up and said,"Want to hear about my childhood?" I smiled and said,"Of course,Tweekers!" Tweek smiled and said,"When I was a little boy,my parents gave me a lot of coffee and soon after I began drinking it,I became jittery and stuttered my words. I couldn't do anything correctly and every litle thing scared the shi* out of me. My parents claimed that I had ADD and I just couldn't help myself. When I tried to quit drinking coffee,I couldn't. It's like I need this stuff to survive. Then I couldn't take the pressure of everyday. One day,at my old school,I had a freakout-I threw my desk over,paper flew everywhere,and I cursed the heck out of everyone and even my teacher... Then my teacher called the doctor and here I am."
Tweek seemed a little sad after that,but I cheered him up when I said,"Tweekers,I like you for who you are and I love everything about you. Every little twitch you make,and every little crazy theory you come up with,everything you do; no matter what I will always love you." Tweek was so happy that I said that poem and he hugged me and cried a little beacuse what I said about him was 'pure poetry' and it touched his heart. I was soo happy that he said that.

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