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im not alone
Story time!!!!
Believing and learning

It was a bright morning it was December,29,1982 I was leaving my nice home of Leeds,U.K. The winter mist hit the window's of the airport,people scramble'd to there plane's,children cried for there parent's but not one showed up! I was waiting for my plane the plane to USSR to take off. But we British called it the United Soviet Social Republic. I heard my plane number called out and I walked to my plane with only me being the only one aboard and someone else being there to show some support he looked about 30-40 his beard looked extremely thick and a dark brown, his eye's were a soft baby blue,nose was really small looking like a five year old's, Skin lighter then the average British man he wore a coat it was the color of a brownish green, and he looked about 7'8.

I never seen a man that big in all my life except my father who was bigger but not by much upon the plane we chose our seat's I moved as close to the c**k pit as possible and buckled myself in. The unknown man came and sit a row behind me. We waited an hour before take off the man moved and sat by me and stared at me for what seemed like an hour, but it was really about 3 minutes of his unnecessary stare. "I guess they don't have black people in Russia after what Joseph Stalin did during World war II" I said to myself in a soft voice the man behind heard me and asked if I was heading to the USSR. I stayed silent for about a minute and re spawned "Yeah my parent's signed me up for a 10 year program of the Soviet foreign program the one that was released during the Russian invasion on Poland and during the Stalinist phase breaking apart.I heard it is being paid by the Soviet state of Russia and Georgia"

The man stretched out his arm out to me. It smelled like molded bread "You are a lucky boy to go into the USSR with the states paying for it but may I ask why your parent's are sending you there you are aware you my never return to England right?" He asked and I went dead silent and looked down to his lap and I went from a smile to a big frown. I told him in a whisper lie style "My parent's say they can't handle me anymore so they are sending me to USSR to give me a better future."
The man had the same smile manner like how Stalin used to have during World war II.

December, 31st, 1982

I was finally among the air space of USSR we just went from the U.K to the air space of Ukraine the cities looked very small but some what shaped in a unique and well rounded manner, fields looked a dark green,cloud's seemed to go from gray into a very faint white "We will be land shortly" the pilot announced the man who I was talking to was sitting silently like a statue and after all the time we talked I never got his name. the plane was beginning to fall back to earth slowly into the eastern city of Luhans'k it was 12 hours away from Russia and it was aimed toward the North.

I got out of the plane and looked into the airport which all the employees working and looking around the airport there was only one other plane coming upon the landing zone I turned my head and the plane was coming from USA the big man who was on the plane with me walked out of the plane he removed his coat and there was a suit he put on his glasses and waited for his partner to come out of the US plane I waited nervously looking to see who else left there nation to come into the Soviet Union the plane landed safely and I had a smile on my face my eye's shot up wide and I felt my heart beat as if I was in love I looked toward my side a woman came out of the hall she looked blonde,around her mid 20's, wearing a suit as well, but had glasses on the boy upon the plane came out he was a African american.

"Hello there?" He said to me I looked upon him. He looked around 15-16 had nappy hair of course black,dressed pretty well actually his eyes were the darkest brown I had ever seen his arm's were semi big but nothing to bulky and nothing to scary. I waved my hand in a silent manner and said "Hello my good friend my name is Charlie L. Lincon tell me yours? He bowed and put his hand upon the ground and he announced "My name is Alec J. Shino american name is James A. Evans I am 15 and I have been supporting the Communist laws for all my life" The man who was in the plane with me spat upon Alec's head and laughed at his perfect aim. Alec got up and walked away from the man who was in the plane with me the woman who was with Alec followed him as well.

I followed Alec out of the air port and I seen him he stood still and I poked him "Hey Alec are you okay my friend? Hey is there something bugging you man?" I looked across the street from the air port. I had never felt a place like a utopia and nothing so good I felt upon the ground and rubbed my hand upon it, I smelt the air and alive, looked in the sky not to many cloud's and the sun wasn't to bright for me I felt like I walked into an air conditioner that gave me health care for life!

"Welcome to Soviet Ukraine comrade's" The blonde woman said to us and continued. "Come young one's you have some business to do in Red square come on and let us go" I ran after the blonde woman but Alec pulled me back and began to speak. "Don't you think something is a bit off here?" I had a confused feeling and said. Err I don't know what you mean? Alec put his hand on his face and spoke to me. "The soviet union isn't supposed to be so balanced they are at war with Afghanistan those commie traitor's" The big man came up and slapped Alec across the face and Alec flew and fell upon the ground he woman ran to him and spoke to him in Russian. I had no clue what they were talking about but what ever she said made the big man leave the area.

I ran to Alec and pushed his shoulder "ALEC!!! Are you okay?" He got up slowly and spit up blood he was barely able to get up in one piece without falling apart in sheer pain. Alec got up eventually and said to himself "I guess I know why America never went up against Russia in hand to hand combat that hurt like hell" The blonde woman came up and grabbed Alec's arm and looked at me I looked into her dark green eye's and I think I fell in love she told me "Come with me to the car I shall be your super visor to Moscow until I get the word" she pulled Alec up and placed him in the back seat of the car as I sat in the front seat with her.

Alec fell asleep after the first 30 minutes of the drive the woman sighed and drove off in her normal speed and came upon high way and I looked out the window the farmer's working hard and looking at there crop's grow at a rate I never imagined,I never seen a mountain but the first one I have ever seen was absolutely huge, Cow's mooing across the field's and only our car upon the high way made our drive much more amazing I started to fade out of reality and going into a dream phase as I closed my eye's I wanted to see the crop's grow in the winter wanted to see the grass grow on sight, wanted to see light blast upon my eye lids but I couldn't fight it and dosed off.

When I woke up from something that was dark and cover'd in darkness I was sitting in the car still I looked out side and there I seen Alec singing there National anthem as the Count down to 1983 was arriving I had nothing better to do but to watch and wait for the count down to be over as fire work's of red and yellow filled the night sky.


I was bored and fell back to sleep only to wake up hour's later in the same car I yawned for boredom and I waited to just get to Moscow and get on with my life

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