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im not alone
Another story !!!
It's time I tell you a story about me! A creature of unnatural power and magical desire and has lived for many,many year's I know a power greater then god himself.
My name is Marik; I am a galactic enforcer who lives in a world of crystal and a place that is slowly turning into my grave of fate I raised my hand and opened a portal! the portal shined brighter then the sun and the color's mixed of a rouge and a violet. This color explosion aloud Marik to travel into realm,dimension,timeline and universe he seeks. But he had to lock on to a planet he has been to before.

His destination was the solar system planet. Earth. Marik jumped into his portal and was on his way on the other side when he came out he was in front of a young man who looked about fifteen to eighteen. Eye's a bright cyan. His skin a dark brown and hair of a prince.Long,black and straight. "Hello their" I said on to him. He looked in fear and replied " A creature with one hand and has five figure's and on your other hand it is a claw. A mechanical one at that. I absolutly like your dark cape and fasionible purple design. I also love the Rhinosrus horn on your head. who are you?" I looked upon his eye's and seen right threw his soul.

"A conquer of justice and excuter of life" the young man walked back. "Security probe A-17 attack." He yelled as a round machine flew at me. One eyed and shot red beam's toward me. I moved toward it and I felt the burn and aging system of the beam take effect I raised my hand out and destroyed the little devil with a single twitch of my hand.

I got up and looked at my hand and realized I have aged once more! my beautiful chin full of white hair, my eye's began to fell darker and darker each time I blinked my vision was turning into darkness. The young man walked away from me and said "Impressive! I have not seen one person destroy my security probe with sheer will."

He put his hand's behind has back and walked toward me in a calm,stable,manner I looked at him and I was prepared to turn him into stardust. Until I began to think about what he was planning to do "How would you like it if you and I teamed up? It could be worth your wild." I froze and thought about the offer's he could grant me and asked what was in it for me?

The little man spoke up "I have a key for conquest maybe I could offer you something? Anything you could desire once we conquer my dying world. Money,power,women,nation's,ocean's claim your prize? He stretched his arm out and giggled at me. I had a feeling he would betray me but in my time of being on a planet I have been on but due to my aged attack I forgot about the planet. On I had the moment of choice upon me. Kill him or join him?

I agree'd on his term's but as for what I wanted I kept dorment "Come I have much to show you" We walked out of the city hall of his town and went into an aircraft. I looked out the window. The sky is darker then dark matter. People are being burned alive on the street's. Officer's are sexually, mentally, and physically abusing he public. Flying cars are crashing into building's. Fire's are coming fro the rich and the rich are attacking the poor I ha no idea this was happening all by their government or corruption. To me it was a mystery and I let it remain a mystery.

We came upon a building and landed on top of it. A mechanical man came out of the building as I looked up. it looked about three to five stories high. The windows were boarded up. I had a feeling of a dying fate coming across my dark cape and walked into the building after Blynx. We walked in and came upon the elevator; he went in and went up. I wait and snapped my figures and was on the same floor as Blynx was "How did you? How could you? When did you?" He seemed offly confused but I couldn't blame him. I turned my head and all I could see was three computer screen's,dashboards and a big chair as well as a missile strike system that I have seen on other planet's. Yet I knew this was a scream for world domination.

"Let's begin shall we" Blynx then pulled a lever and one of the screen's was recording the basement of the complex which was the creation of mechanical solder's I knew; he was ready to jump into action. "Your plan's seem quite trouble-sum...Maybe we should have a new type of strategy" I announced to Blynx. "Like" he said. "Like a power greater then god himself" I announced
Blynx turned around fast and glared at me. "They're called the Planet Nova Core's" I said in a deep dark voice.


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