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Kulaan Do Tiid

Prince Of Time~

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The Missing Prince
Prince Tiid has enough to worry about. But this? Hiring more guards for his protection? What were they thinking?

"Please sire, it is for your own good. You need more protection when your on your daily strolls." his steward said while hurrying after him. Tiid did not want to listen to reason. He spent his whole life in this kingdom, and his father before him. Why on Nirn would anyone want to harm the most powerful man in the kingdom?

"I said no. I can transform into a bloody dragon whenever i want? Either your mad or you just want to kill yourself, i dont see why anyone would want to attack me. Besides my father did not need any protection from his people so neither shall i! And that is it." Tiid walked through the hall of family paintings dating all the way to his first ancestor. He always hated walking through this hall. Only because of his fathers painting. It burned him every time he looked at it. They both stopped at the painting.

His steward sighed. "Very well then. You're such like your father. He would be so proud of you. I also miss him, you know? He was such a good man. He loved his kingdom and everyone in it. But i knew it would be the death of him. I'll have to get back to my duties. Good day to you sir." He bowed and walked away. Tiid looked up at his father's painting. Remembering the day before he set sail to meet the battlefield. Before he went to his grave. Remembering his exact words that was said to him. Tiid found a tear forming in his eyes. He quickly wiped them way. A soon to be King should never be found crying. He walked on into his royal bedroom and onto the balcony where he could see his kingdom and the landscape that surrounded it.

Suddenly he heard the curtains rustle. He smiled. "You know one might think you might be a dangerous intruder." he said with a sexy tone. Then a women appearing out of the curtains. But not just any women. The women who might soon to be Queen. A women that he might just spend the rest of his life with. Her name was Isabella Huntsmen.

"One might also think that your under stress. But what do i know? I know nothing about politics". He chuckled at that remark. Isabella was his personal thane. They had something ever since she saved his life from a spontaneous dragon attack that knocked him out cold. And when he awoke he thought she was an angel. Since then he knighted her thane and gave her a place in the castle. But not all things were professional. His steward suspects this. Complains only a little. But what more better way to protect the future king is from his bed?

"Yeah, well. Im just trying to keep myself sane from all this...bullshit." He sighs, letting his head hang. "I dont know why i even bother. Sometimes i feel like making myself King wont make much of a difference anyways."

Isabella looked at him. "You don't know that. You might earn more respect in the court. Or more attention from some royalty snobs. Did i mention that i hate it when that happens. Its a pity that i cant do anything about it."

Tiid looked up at her. She can get so jealous sometimes. "Not necessarily. You can always show me who's the really attracted to me." he smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss.

"Now i like where this is going." They lock lips. Being with her always brought him relief. He put his arms around her. They both staggered back into the bedroom. They were both now on the bed. There was a knock on the door. Tiid closed his eyes. Wishing it was a figment of his imagination. It wasn't.

"Every time! You cant get any privacy in this damn place!" He looked over to the door. Isabella quietly laughed. They both lock eyes.

"How bout' tonight? When everything has been settled in for the evening?" they both sit up on the bed.

"Well when you put it that way. How can a man resist?" he stared into her beautiful eyes. Gently holding up her chin. She always seemed to like that. There was another knock on the door. He sighed and yelled "I'm coming! Just hold a sec would you? Listen, i'll even request our favorite wine. Make it more fun." She smiled. the reason why it was their favorite win is because it was the very first wine they had together after she saved his life and before she knew he was the Prince.

"Sounds like a plan! Now i better hop a leg out the window before they barge in her like they own the place." They gave each other one last kiss before Isabella climbed down from his balcony and into her quarters. Tiid answered the door.

To Be Continued.

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