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Kulaan Do Tiid

Prince Of Time~

Community Member
Mass Effect Character Profile
Username: Kulaan Do Tiid
Name: Tallik Halon
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Infiltrator/Operative
Powers/Abilities: Sabotage, Disruptor Ammo, Cryo Ammo, Tactical Cloak, Incinerate.
Weapons: Heavy Pistols (also a sniper rifle but preferred not to use it)
Allegiance: Eclipse
Spacer/Colonist/Home-Planet Born: Omega (Home-Planet)
Paragon/Neutral/Renegade: Renegade
Biography: Born on Omega. Parents- Leo and Iris Halon. Leo was a merc working for the Blue Suns (Secretly). Iris was a retired Captain of a Alliance cruiser. Tallik was born on Omega on accident. She was due for another month. Her parents were just docked on Omega to replace a part on their ship. Then Iris went into labor. After Tallik was born, Leo decided to stay on Omega. Iris objected to this idea. But when looking at their new born baby, she finally agreed. So they sold there ship to rent an apartment. Leo asked Aria for protection for his new family. Aria agreed to this. But at a cost. She would asked the Blue Suns to protect the Halon family in return, Leo, has to join them. Leo thought about it and then agreed. Though he asked to keep this a secret from his family. Since Iris was a retired soldier from the Alliance and would be furious if she found out. 13 years later, Iris found out. Leo came home one night only to find his Blue Suns armor out on the kitchen table and Iris. He quickly tried to explain. But was useless. Without thinking Iris left him. Leaving Tallik with Leo. Upset, Leo, went to afterlife only to get drunk. Then he went to the Blue Suns and asked them to kill his wife. So they did. But Aria found out about the kill but also found out that Leo was going rouge. He got in a fight with a Eclipse mercenary that was on a mission for Aria. Which made the mission to fail. Soon Aria and Jona Sederis asked for his death. So Jona ordered Jaroth and his goons to go to his apartment and kill him. But Aria forgot to mention about Tallik. When Jaroth got to their apartment Leo was long gone. But they found Tallik. Tallik begged them not to kill her. So not knowing what to do with the kid they took Tallik to Aria. Tallik knew what her father did. And said that she can help. She knew where her father was. She told her but also asked to go with the mercs. When asked why, she said "He took my mother away from me, why else?" Aria saw something in her. So she agreed, but if she comes back alive she has a spot in Aria's personal guards. If not, then it will be an end to the Halon family for good. So with Tallik they managed to track down Leo. Only by surprise. Leo did not expect his own daughter to pull the trigger. The fellow mercs were now fond of the girl. They appreciated her service and her bravery and told her if Aria jobs dont work out shes more than welcome to join them. So she joined Aria's guards. With 3 years of personal training she became a deadly weapon...for a kid. Soon after Jaroth asked Tallik to help them in their fight with Archangel. But she knew the situation. Told him that she wasn't stupid. Jaroth seemed disappointed in her decision, but respected her. Only because she was still with Aria. That and her grudge against the Blue Suns. So she decided to hang back for a while. But when the Cerberus attacked Omega, Tallik got separated from Aria. She was quickly over run by Adjutants (A new type of Husk). With a quick decision she had to get off of Omega. So she had no choice but to hide aboard a civilian ship. She hid in the cargo bay. Soon after she arrive on Earth. But realized that these civilians weren't just escaping but reporting the accident to the Alliance. Unfortunetly for Tallik she was discovered by a some mercs that was on board. She was dragged off the ship only to be confronted by the civilians and Alliance soldiers. Angry she got free from the mercs, drew her gun and wounded a near by soldier. Commander Shepard just docked an hour before and was waiting for Anderson with the rest of his crew when he saw Tallik. He recognized her from Omega all those years ago. But much older. With guns drawn on Tallik, Shepard quickly came over. Tallik soon saw Shepard. Shepard convinced her to withdrawal her weapon, promising that no harm will come to her. He commented on her skills with a gun. Then he asked how she got involved with Aria in the first place and why she was on Earth instead of Omega. She explained how Cerberus "invaded" Omega by releasing husks from captivity. Surprised he offered a long talk with her before Anderson arrived. She said "I dont have anything else to lose, except her guns of course." And said sorry for the soldier she shot. After a long talk with each other Anderson arrived at the scene. When Anderson asked what happened Commander Shepard said they had no clue. Then smiled. Commander Shepard and Anderson went off to talk to the Defense Comity about his less than adventurous mission against the collectors. Tallik soon saw Kasumi Goto and they instantly liked each other. So after sneaking away from the Alliance, they went to make some trouble.
Personality: Ruthless, Likes: the Alliance, Asari, Dual Pistols. Hates: The Blue Suns.
User Image
(Thats the best i can do on the pic)
Red and Black Armor
2 M-3 Predator pistols
Blue eyes
Blond hair
Necklace of her mothers wedding ring
Random Fact(s):
Shes a sucker for space hamsters.
Hates spiders

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