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ehm, yeah.... basically, this will be where i rant, complain, squeal, or write song lyrics that are stuck in my head. i dont ecpect anyone alse to read this, so the language will probably be pretty bad^^

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~~ Questing ~~

This journal entry is a list of the items currently in my wishlist that I want the most. It is a personal tally of the cost of each item, and which items within the item are most desired.

~~ Questing~~

Corroded Strongman- 23,000
hat, dress, belt

Mythic Hair- 30,000
treasure hair, moonlight hair

Gothic Veil- 40,000
hair bows, over skirt, blindfold, scarf, dress

Star Pointer- 43,000
skirt, gloves

Gothic Passion- 49,000
mask, glasses, coat

Lunar Cowl- 55,000
shirt, belt

Witchy- 60,000
dress, wing sleeves

HoC: Zerakyl- 64,000
legs, top

Royal Jelly-Bee- 69,000
garter, shoes, gloves

Oculus Magica- 71,000
cross, ice fairy, rainbows, magica

Mwee the Dragon- 84,000
flying, on my head, slumber

Zorya Polunochnaya- 84,500
hat, hair, top, skirt, shoes

Topaz Diamond Dog- 99,999
bangs, spots, tail

Skunk Cosplay- 100,000
tail, ears

GO Phones- 100,000
headphones, notes

Tangy Citrus Deluxe- 105,000
hair, corset, dress, heels

Rainbow Pathway- 115,000
hair, jumper, skirt

Fall Bride- 122,000
dress, scarf, gloves, garter

Fay Cervidae- 125,000
skirt, top, hair, antlers

Black Widow- 136,000
veil, smile, corset

Fading Ember- 150,000
crown, hair, dress, skirt

Trilune's Covenant- 160,000
top, boots, gown, wrap, talbard, hair, moon

Very Protective Fantasy Armor- 167,000

Queen of Death- 175,000
dress, hair, crown

Captive Syrma- 190,000
syrma, coat, pants

Draco Ladon- 217,000
armor, wristblades, armguard

Lady Lunar- 220,000
shawl, dress, hair, sash

Fanciful Light Charmer- 227,999
hat, coat, corset, shoes

ICHI-maru-KYUU- 265,400
hair, dress, tights, shoes, tattoos

Blue Rubble Stockings- 297,000
bikini, coat, scars, halo

Juno's Lace- 307,000
hat, dress, hair

Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires- 385,000
pride :3

S-Pop Club: Rayna- 580,000

Rosamund's Revenge- 713,995
corset, shoes, sleeve, coat, belt, hands, roses, hair

Ebony and Ivory- 1,495,876

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