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ehm, yeah.... basically, this will be where i rant, complain, squeal, or write song lyrics that are stuck in my head. i dont ecpect anyone alse to read this, so the language will probably be pretty bad^^

Community Member
~~ donate-able~~

This journal entry is a list of the items currently in my wishlist that I want, and consider cheap enough to be donated. the items go up to, but do not exceed 30,000 gold. the more desired items have a ** on them, while less desired do not.

~~ donate-able~~

Starter Bloody Z-Day Shirt- 5

Neutral Starter Pirate Bandana- 5

Neutral Starter Fantasy Shirt- 5

**Cool Starter Hero's Top- 5

**Warm Starter Hero's Top- 5

Cool Male Goth Starter Shirt- 5

Radioactive Apocaripped Tank- 420

Young Mrs. Claus' Garter- 600

Ribbon Luv Sleeves Green- 1,200

Amethyst and Milk Quartz Earrings- 1,200

Amethyst and Milk Quartz Necklace- 2,000

Black Bakeneko Tail- 2,220

Orange Tabby Tail- 2,220

Seal Point Bakeneko Tail- 2,220

Gray Bakeneko Tail- 2,220

**Batty Headband- 2,280

Candycorn Headband- 2,280

Midnight Black Torn Blouse- 2,400

Vorpal Black Torn Blouse- 2,400

Orange Retro Astro Skirt- 2,400

Raptor ice Top- 2,500

Raptor Fire Top- 2,500

Raptor wind Top- 2,500

Blue SP Work Jacket- 2,820

Purple SP Work Jacket- 2,820

Green Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings- 3,060

Black Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings- 3,060

**Soft White Sweetnote Hat- 3,660

**Posh Mack Jocobi Slacks- 3,600

**lush Mack Jocobi Slacks- 3,600

Punk Mack Jocobi Slacks- 3,600

Outlaw Biker Jacket - Coal- 3,838

Coal Newsboy Cap- 3,900

Navy Newsboy Cap- 3,900

**Obsidian High Elf Sash- 4,080

Toxic Green Fancy Pants- 5,000

Doll Ears- 5,000

Autumn Orange Wood Elf Corset- 5,400

Midnight Ripped Black Party Dress- 5,400

**Vintage White Stepford Dress- 5,400

**Vintage Black Stepford Dress- 5,400

**Vintage Yellow Stepford Dress- 5,400

**Vintage Blue Stepford Dress- 5,400

Stealth UltraViolet Top- 5,550

Stealth EvoBlack Top- 5,550

Stealth InfraRed Top- 5,550

Erlking Ears Type Green- 5,700

Light Golden Titania Blouse- 5,940

Royal Purple Titania Blouse- 5,940

**Obsidian Titania Blouse- 5,940

Icy Blue Winter Angel Coat- 6,000

Orange Tropical Dancer Top- 6,000

Green Tropical Dancer Top- 6,000

Red Jux Urban Jacket- 6,000

Green Jux Urban Jacket- 6,000

Orange Jux Urban Jacket- 6,000

Purple Aces Wild Leather Jacket- 6,000

Black Aces Wild Leather Jacket- 6,000

White Sweetheart Silk Top Hat- 6,300

**Black Peony Spicy Qipao- 6,600

Mythrill High Elf Bodice- 6,780

**Obsidian High Elf Bodice- 6,780

**Adamant High Elf Bodice- 6,780

Victoribelle Minty Green Day Dress- 6,900

Firestorm Dragon Gown- 7,000

Slashed Midnight Black Jacket- 7,200

Slashed Ghost White Jacket- 7,200

Slashed Vorpal Violet Jacket- 7,200

Slashed Ecto Green Jacket- 7,200

Slashed Pumpkin Orange Jacket- 7,200

Wolf Snatcher Hoodie- 7,320

Spooky Devil Poncho- 7,800

Spooky bat Poncho- 7,800

Snowy Yeti Fleece- 7,800

**Cool Button-down Fleece Coat- 7,800

minty Button-down Fleece Coat- 7,800

Striped Witchling Dress- 8,100

Meido Ruffled Blue Headband- 8,100

Meido Ruffled White Headband- 8,100

Meido Ruffled Powder Blue Headband- 8,100

Moira's Black Jacket- 8,100

Moira's Purple Jacket- 8,100

Moira's Green Jacket- 8,100

Wolf Ears- 8,400

Blue Cybernetic Vagrant Shirt- 8,400

**Electric Blue Slashed Hipster Jeans- 9,300

Split Fuschia Jacket- 9,530

Wintertide Cap- 9,800

Stitched Specter Jacket- 9,960

Stitched Shadow Jacket- 9,960

Sapphire Extravagance Gown- 10,000

Amethyst Extravagance Gown- 10,000

Raptor Ice Horns- 13,000

Raptor fire Horns- 13,000

Raptor wind Horns- 13,000

Midnight Black Sweet Lace Blouse- 15,000

**Belted Top- 15,533

Snow White Robo Heroine Trenchcoat- 16,200

Snow Blue Robo Heroine Trenchcoat- 16,200

Soldat Tan Officers Cap- 19,000

Snow Leopard Animal Headdress- 19,500

Wine Gothic Bat Pants- 20,340

**Corroded Strongman- 23,000

Wine Gothic Bat Corset Dress- 25,920

Midnight Gothic Bat Corset Dress- 25,920

Azrael's Bindings- 28,995

**Mythic Hair- 30,000

Bao- 30,000

White Bao- 30,000

Black Bao- 30,000

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