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just watch me.
back from tour.

it was AWESOME.

I love being out on the road, and being able to go to our own concert almost every night was flipping amazing. I loved helping set up, and actually liked having a low totem-pole job because I got to do all sorts of random stuff that I wouldn't have time to do if I had a big job.

our music sounds awesome, and I'm so flipping proud and blessed to be able to spend an entire semester with these freaks. :]

and the best part?


know how i've been complaining all semester about how something feels off, that I'm not myself? That changed on tour. I'm baaaaack!

... just in time for the end of the semester haha.

cold, almost normal winter weather greeted us when we got back to nashville, and so it shall stay until tomorrow, I believe.

the rest of the semester is going to be super chill and fun. I look forward to it SO MUCH.

we got back sunday at noon, spent the rest of the day sleeping and vegetating. Monday was spent putting everything back together at the cmc, had a movie night that night. and today we don't have anything until 1:00 pm. WAT IS THIS NONSENSE.

so I write. Dunno where any of my roommates are 80% of the time, but that's okay haha.

Tonight is our final homecoming tour show (link here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cmc-live-tour ), tomorrow my family comes! Thursday we've having a huge thanksgiving potluck with everyone, friday going to the opry, and saturday through monday just chilling. biggrin

i don't want to leave these people, not since I found myself again.

the other day I was musing, and it struck me rather hard that there are a few people here that I can't bear not ever seeing again.

now to tell them such.

it will happen. My confidence is returning, my perspective is shifting, my attitude is more positive, my personality wanting to draw closer and abandon the idea of getting hurt or making a fool of myself.

another sign I'm back? I crave touch like crazy again. As always, I'm just horrible at getting it haha.

no regrets.

thankfully i've made enough mistakes to know ahead of time now what I'll regret once the semester's done. now the tricky part is to remedy this before it happens.

oh well. :]




... there's still a mouse raiding our pantry. last night we discovered it got into our poker candy, so it was all tossed out. this morning I dug out my york mints from the trash, and they were untouched. ^.^

it was hilarious last night: when we were watching The Grinch, R sees it moving along the wall into the closet. cue the girls laying on the floor to stand on the couch, and O finds a broom and screams, "That motherf-er is gonna die!!!" and she and a couple of the guys open the closet and investigate.

cue lots of swearing, a lot of giggling on my part, and the candy discovery. and more swearing. and more giggling.

right then. I hear O is back from wherever she was.

it's almost noon. I suppose changing out of pjs and getting lunch would be a good idea.....

life is wonderful. :]

let's make these last weeks count.

head-first, all in.

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