A castle in the Darkness (rp idea)

The milky light of the days end sun hovers over the endless spikes of treetops. One would hear the silent awakenings of animals, creatures starting their day as the sun follows down beyond the land. At one time, this forest was home to a mighty kingdom, one with a strong king and queen. Though, that was some time ago in ages past. Their story only myth on the mouths of children to keep them from entering the forest alone. Many discard this as nothing but simple stories now.
It is nightfall. The chaotic ebb of life stirs throughout the towering structures of high trees. Once could loose their minds if they payed any attention to all the sounds whirling and bouncing amidst the darkness. It was then a massive, guttural deep growl pitched itself across the land, silencing all noise.

Silence, only the light winds muscle their way through the small branches now. Panning away from the large section of forestry one could see mechanical structure of modern day buildings. Lights flicker, neon blooms hover over the massive boxes people now live in. The present day has shuttered such legends of kings and magic, though they still exist if you looked for it.
Among the trees there stands a spiraling structure made to look much like the trees surrounding it. For it was built this way as a curse to those who live in it. A Beast some say.

No one really payed much attention to the forest now, that is until people began to go missing. Seems such horror stories were becoming truth yet again. A few people had escaped, only to tell of a hooded shadow that stalks the grounds withing the canopy of trees. The elders of this time knew better then to even dare go close enough to the trees. They knew of the legend that still holds there. A demon beast that was once a man, a man with a black soul who killed his queen they say. To gain immortality.
A curse that shook the foundations of time and changed the era and entered the age of free people. But that is just a tale, nothing more but whispers on the lips of humans trying to justify something greater then their own existence.

From within the hidden tower, two reddish eyes sit on an empty throne. Angered, betrayed. Time has given much room for hate to grow within this creature of lore. Pity those who enter his forest, for they become it and vanish like the stories told of him. Forever to be feared, hated, and unloved. Faint curtains of moonlight cross the empty castle floors filled with layers of dust and to a small jar, within it a dying black rose sits. It's pedals withered as the creature who owns it. The beasts red eyes shut as a hand holds his chin. A devil who became a devil, and found he hated who he was. Hope, was now looking more grim with each pedal that fell to the floor.