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The soft purple moonlight seemed to flux as its rays sliced through the colored panels of glass. The sound of a raven sitting atop one of the great elaborate pillars sounded through the air like a gunshot in the barren tundra. The only other sounds that could be heard were the sounds of mice scuttling around from pew to pew and under all of the sounds, was the erratic beating of a heart, only heard by it’s owner and those who could hear such a thing.

Her soft pale skin appeared to glow with the patterns of moonlight through the stained glass. As she lifted her trembling hands, her long, slender fingers seemed to reach for something unseen in the distance. The raven that had been once perched atop the pillar, circled the girl, eyeing her carefully. Her bright Lapis eyes followed the bird’s shining amber. The small white fox pup sitting beside seemed ghostly as its fur gleamed from the quickly fading light. It stretched its legs and yawned, as its eyes also followed the bird’s. A small yip came out of its mouth as it crawled up onto the girl’s lap. She looked down at it, her eyes now the only thing visible, as the darkness slowly closed around them. Screams could be heard from every direction, from innocent victims of the happen events. No fear seemed to cross her eyes and the sounds reached her ears. She held the pup close, for it started whimpering. The raven too hoped over close to her on the middle of the pew. A half of a year of this had slowly numbed her fear for all that was going on. Her mind now tough and her feelings hard, she knew to ignore the danger all around her. By now, anyone at all would have cracked, from the darkness of the old church, to the screams from nowhere, but by now, she was used to it all. Slowly, as the last light from the moon faded beyond the reach of the stain glass, she was lulled to sleep by the surprising calmness of the night, which was usually terrifying.


The soft sunlight of the coming dawn pierced through the leaves, dappling the wet grass. The small drops of dew on each blade of grass refracted the light into miniscule rainbows covering the lawns of each abandoned house that she passed. Her footfalls made only the slightest sound as she walked down the cracked sidewalk of the empty street. The sky was a crystalline blue, with clouds speckling it with puffs of white. The fox pup popped its head out of her hood, looking around for any food. The raven sat on her shoulder, as its eye flickered from tree to tree. There were crashed cars everywhere, some pilled upon one another, and others had driven through the houses, but that was long ago.

A few meters away lay a clearing where several suburban houses should lay, but it looked as though they had been scraped off their foundation by a rather large object. As her eyes caught sight of this, she quickened her pace, baring straight towards it. Slowly, as the distance decreased, a horrific sight unfolded- a large airliner lay wrecked, among a pile of mashed and gnarled houses. However, shocking or terrifying as this sight may be to people of the world now, it was nothing to her. She has seen far worse after the spreading of the infections. To her, this was simply an opportunity, to salvage for whatever she could find that would be of any use to her. On the side of the large aircraft, there was a word painted in faded colors that once were obviously bright at one time. The word painted was “Australia.” What a shame, she thought to herself, what a shame that even in their country the infections had spread even that far.

The coppery sent of blood saturated the air, though the wreckage had to be about a month old. She walked cautiously across the scraped trench inlaid upon the wrecked foundation of two houses furthermost outwards. Glints from scraps of metal flashed as she walked over the bare earth. The fox pup yawned as its head popped out of her hood once more, looking around at the sights she passed. It crawled over to her shoulder opposite to the occupied one of the raven’s. The girl yawned, and then winced at the taste of raw flesh in the air. She then realized where the horrific sent was coming from. The lumbering movement of a dark figure emerged from around the backside of the plane. Slowly, as it limped its way out the shadows, its dry blood covered face became visible, along with its mangled body.

Its right arm lay dangling out of its socket, and the other in a shredded-like state, but still usable. Its eyes were blood red, from the veins that had popped inside of them, and its jaw was fleshless, reveling blood stained teeth. At the knee of its left leg, it was severed to the point were it was just dangling by the tendon, yet the other was unscathed, with only a small tear in it’s once blue jeans. In the hand of the shredded arm was an arm, with a chunk torn from it. The creature raised its head so its eyes met hers. It looked as though it was staring right through her, as if it could not even see her, yet it started its limp-like lumber towards her.

A sly grinned crossed her perfect lips. She shrugged off the large sack looped around her back and let it fall to the ground as she lowered herself onto one knee. The infected creature that was once human increased its speed now almost running towards her. She hastily unzipped the sack and glanced quickly into it before deciding what to take out. Her hand firmly gripped the shaft of an Automatic Shotgun as she pulled it out. As she steadied the aim at the end of the barrel, the zombie t

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