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Ruizu's Journal!! YAY!!
umm..I'll put like whatever in here. So yeah feel free to read!!`
I think it's real this time.
So, everyday I talk to this boy Esteban. He lives two houses down from me. This year is the first year we've ever really talked. The very first year I moved here I remember playing soccer with him, and his two younger brothers. One of whom is Danny (the short one), who those of you who know me in real life should know. Anyway, we're both taking credit advancement courses for summer school and we're the only two people at our bus stop. So, each day we talk and talk. It's really nice I feel like I could talk to him about anything. I can have a real honest to goodness conversation with him. About nearly anything. Lightning bugs, Navy Pier, school, spazzing out. Which I tend to do a lot around him. Hahaha... Anyway, we've been like this since the 15th of June. Nearly a month now. I can be entirely myself around him and just talk. Not about anime, not gossip, not school talk or just summer plans talk. Anything. It's- It's refreshing. Today in particular was nice. We talked at the bus stop this morning, and this afternoon I got on the bus late and there weren't any empty seats so I sat with him. So, we got in an extra half an hour of talking. We talked on our way home, and I baked after hanging out with a friend. After she went home, I went for a walk and just so happened to "run into" Danny and him playing football in their front yard. I came over and talked with them for what was supposed to be a little bit, but I was there for about two hours talking to them. I put a flower in Danny's hair. You see, I picked a little flower (technically it was a weed) and I was like it's ugly! Then Danny picked one and tried to put it in his hair, but failed because he plucked it too short. So then I put a different one in for him. I offered to put one in Esteban's hair too, but he declined. I told him I'd put one in his hair tomorrow. Also, while I "ran into" them I had a cookie which I hadn't eaten and I offered it to them, since I have more here at home. They tried it and said it was good. Which really pleases me. I hope to see them more this summer. Also, I remember we were talking and I don't remember what I was saying but I waved my hand as if to gesture like a no big deal type of thing and accidently hit myself in the nose. It was pretty funny. Anyway though, we get along really well. I think I kind of like him because he's just so easy to talk to, but then I don't know. I really like keeping it a nice simple friendship like this. Not to mention he's going to be a sophomore. Which hasn't stopped me before but... Yeah. Also, you know how when you really like someone you get those butterflies? Well, today I think those chrysalis' evolved into butterflies and they were all over. I blushed a lot on the bus if my memory serves me correctly. I really like him, but I think we're better off as just friends. I don't know, give me advice?

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