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So, I've been in the arenas for a while. Just recently starting my semi-consistent entry time frame of about one a week again. Figured I'd tell about what cosplays I did.
1: Galactic Grunt
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Description: We are Team Galactic! Find peace in our world! Now, sure, I'm just a grunt, but that doesn't mean I'm weak! I'm also rather loyal; I will follow our Boss wherever he takes us! Same goes for our Commanders. I've been appointed to work with the Boss himself! I'm so overjoyed at the thought of working by his side! You see, with the help of Dialga and Palkia, we're going to recreate the world to help others! So, we're off to Mt. Coronet for the final step! Wish us luck!
Author's Note: My first Pokemon cosplay. It actually went pretty well, all things considered.

2: Trainer Class: Teacher
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Description: The Teacher was a Gold/Silver/Crystal-exclusive Trainer class. The most notable Teacher was Teacher Shirley on the SS Aqua from Kanto to Johto. The only Pokemon in her party was a Jigglypuff at Lv. 35. When approached, she would say "Keep away from my students!"

Overall, there were only 3 different Teachers in the game: The aforementioned Shirley, Colette (Clefairy Lv. 36), and Hillary (Aipom Lv. 32, Cubone Lv. 36). The other two Teachers appeared in Kanto.
Author's Note: For as simple as it was, I got a decent rating.

3: Rocket Executive
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Rocket Executives are a higher class Rocket than the grunts introduced in Gold and Silver. The Executives became the leaders of the gang shortly after their Boss's disappearance. They devise a plan to lure their Boss out of hiding through the selling of Slowpoke Tails, radio wave induced evolution, and the takeover of the Goldenrod Radio Tower to attempt communicating with him via radio.
The first time you fight one is in the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town. She, like all Rockets, is unnamed.
Author's Note: Compared to all my others, this one kind of flopped.

4: Trainer Class: Cooltrainer(f)
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Description: Cooltrainer♀ was introduced in Generation I. Cooltrainers are depicted as well-balanced trainers, having no consistencies in parties except in special cases (i.e., the trio in G/S on a hidden beach by the Day Care).Cooltrainers can be some of the most annoying opponents NPC-wise, since they are capable of using items on their Pokemon if their health is low, or using battle items like X-Defend at the start of a fight. This is one from G/S.
Author's Note: For a long while, this was my highest rating entry with a final score of 3.99

5: Trainer Class: Lass
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Description: The Lass is the weakest of the female Trainer Classes. Usually, a player encounters them near the beginning of the game along with Youngsters. Most of their parties consist of Normal-type Pokemon, but there are some Lasses that are Gym Trainers, and thus have Pokemon of that Gym type.
This particular version is based off of the G/S in-game sprite.
Author's Note: My simplest entry yet and it still got a decent score.