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Flight Recorder
U.N.S.C Drop Ship Kilo-151 "Midori" .Daily Logs and Recordings.
Friday, February 26th. 2016.
Let's change gears a little bit for a change. Comfort zones! I have been discovering quite a bit about this concept. We are instinctively drawn to comfort, it is embedded into our minds as we grow up. Do whatever makes you feel better. As long as you are comfortable. This has been floating about in my mind since I have started back up at the college, its quite interesting now that I really am looking into it. Everyday we our comfort zones are challenged by outside factors, new people, new ideals, new styles, and new ways to be comfortable. Though I still don't know how deep comfort zones can go but from my personal levels it can go far far far into the abyss. I recently have been attempting to come out of my comfort zone but I still hit personal walls as I try, I try to explain things in too great of detail but that is my natural reaction. I stay in my comfort zone because I don't want to get embarrassed because I will dwell on that moment for the entire day which does not help me with moving forward. Comfort zones do need to be shaken up once and awhile and that is how I will better myself. Its all natural and instinct that we only do things to make ourselves feel better but the cost of not being able to move forward is really big.

There has been a few things going on in my life. Mostly positive things for now and trying to get myself out of my comfort zone is keeping me quite amused. I have figured out more of less what I plan on doing with my tennis career, see if I can make it into the U.S open selections. I know I am not that great at tennis but I am determined to really make an effort in seeing what I can do. Everyone tells me to go in with a winning attitude but its a lot easier said then actually done, there are a lot of personal factors that I unfortunately realize. Though I am not going to jinx myself and record them here in this log because then it will really stick to my brain. I want to really make something out of this.. I wouldn't say talent but more of personal goal. I want to shoot high enough but then reality comes into effect and discourages me quite a bit of the time. I am going to give it hell though, I need to really really really take it serious without losing my love for the sport. Even if it does not go anywhere I really want to try, I don't think its a bad idea. Its times like these that I wish I was born into money and didn't have to work for it so I could just play tennis all the time. However I am very happy and humble that I grew up the way I did, maybe it was far too fast and I look at myself everyday and remember that I am still young.

It bothers me because my social life in this young adult hood has been ruined. I don't get along with people my age really easily, I want to say generations but I haven't lived long enough to say I am part of a generation. I have a lot to discover and I can't give up, I hate it but I really cant give up. I can't stay in my comfort zone either because I will never be able to move forward when I dwell. Although I wish that I had help with moving forward but once again I have to walk myself up the stair case and down the staircase. No one is reliable anymore. I would give anything to have someone reliable in my life that I can fall to, I have a lot of issues to work on with myself but it gets so tricky. I am really enjoying being able to challenge myself with responsibility, though there are responsibilities that I will never get to have. Opinions are futile. Well I wish myself luck, I will probably be hurting in a few hours guaranteed I am happy that I learned that iron plays a role in soreness relief but I don't think my body needs that much but I wish it had magic properties like you would see in shows. Man sometimes life is so boring?! End transmission-

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