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Introduction to Calister
The day was the Twenty-Seventh in the month of May. Spring was coming to an end as the blistering heat of summer began to blaze throughout the world. It was extremely hot during the day and barely cold during the night. The Queen of Grische was expecting her third child at any moment as she laid in her bed with her caretakers and servants ready to aid her when the time would come. The heat was getting to her even with the fanning from her maids, making her tired and weak. As the sun began to set, turning the skies into beautiful shades of purple, orange, and deep pink red, the Queen's water had broke. For hours and hours, the Queen was in labor in her weakened state. The maids and rest of the court, worried about her health and, more importantly, her life. After five long hours of labor, the baby had finally entered the world at the very second that the sun had completely set. However, there was something fearful about this baby that did not seem right: he had an oddity about his eyes. True, they were somewhat red but the eerie shimmer of golden specks within the red that did not seem just right. A harmless birth defect did no harm, right? Wrong. Seeing the strange coloring in the baby's eyes, especially during that era and time of day, was something to be superstitious about. At that, the Queen almost cried before she ended up fainting at the sight of her strange child. The King was furious, believing this child was some kind of devil and refused to even look at him--preferring to be at his wife's side, worrying about her instead. And that was the day, on that beautiful afternoon--that was the day Calister RimSatine Atrae, the youngest prince of Grische, was born.

Because of this strange birth defect, Calister was raised in a separate section within the castle, far from the main quarters where the rest of his family lived. He spent his first five years of living with caretakers, raised with the love and care he should have had ever since the day he entered this world. Calister was always such a happy and adorable child, even as a baby, the rooms were always filled with laughter to no end. He was also fairly obedient and it did not take much to hush him if he was crying or yelling. The caretakers also made an attempt to teach him how to speak by reading simple stories within picture books to him. Since he rarely, if ever, saw his family, the caretakers surrounded his temporary rooms with photographs of his mother and father as well as his two older brothers. All of this paid off for the young boy of two and a half years old, when he finally learned how to walk on his own. Though he was still too young to comprehend a lot of things, little Calister did know quite a few things a child of his age wouldn't know just yet. There was one day where his mother and father decided to check on him; the thought of the outcome of their son to be just as odd as his eyes painted in their minds. As the doors opened and the King and Queen entered, the first to greet them was Calister, scuttling up to them on his tiny feet. At that moment, he immediately bowed before them as best he could and surprised his parents. How? The picture books may not have taught him to speak just yet but a few stories did depict kingdom fairytales, there was bound to be a picture of a king and queen being bowed to. Despite how normal their son was, they did not want him to return to the main area of the castle for, whatever his caretakers were doing was pretty effective. Ever since that day, the next two and final years that Calister spent in the secluded sections of the castle, he was taught how to speak, write, and read. Finally, upon reaching the age of five, he was accepted to live amongst the rest of his family members.

Just because he was allowed to live with his family did not mean the rest of his life was an easy walk in the park. Living with his parents and underneath their guidance, meant strict discipline as all royal offsprings were to receive. Calister was happy to be around his parents and respected them as best he could but, rarely did any of those feelings return. He did not, and never knew why they were so cold towards him. Despite how distant they were towards their youngest son but that did not stop them from hiring people to tutor and turn him into a proper prince. His strengths, out of all the subjects he was taught, were speech and reading. That did not mean his weaknesses were found in the other subjects--the boy was fairly fast at learning whatever he was taught, easily understanding the daily lessons he received. He was especially fast at learning manners and being polite; the etiquette lessons he received definitely shaped and molded his young mind to think and act more like a gentleman each day. The amount of lessons he had each day were overwhelming and would cause young Calister to almost cry from so much work. He did not want to quit, even though it was hard work, the young prince endured all of it so that he could please his parents. As he grew, so did his mind and his personality, growing to realize the importance of his status and how important his older brothers and parents were. His respect and loyalty grew for his family as well--his brothers especially. With all the pressure they have as the eldest, one of which was to obviously set a good influence on their youngest brother, Calister's determination rose due to the respect and understanding of their hard work. Of course, he also wanted to benefit himself and be ready for future purposes as well.

Of course, in between his numerous lessons, Calister was allowed to have time to himself, spending it however he wanted. Every chance he had, the young prince spent his time with other noble children only if his two brothers were too busy to deal with him--which was a majority of the time. He never approved of running around in the fields and soiling his clothes like the other boys would. As many times as the boys would try to invite him to play with them, Calister always refused. Some of the boys laughed and poked fun at him constantly; it was around this time that he received nicknames such as "Kelly-star" and the popular-used "Princess Calister". Instead, young Calister preferred socializing with the other noble children (a majority of them being girls) who chose to have simple, more refined activities. As he spent more and more time with the noble daughters, his appreciation for females began to develop seeing how he never had a bad moment when he was around them. Often times, Calister had the chance to meet the Rouxe princesses and, though he only managed to spend a short amount of time with them, he only saw them as kind figures. He enjoyed playing and socializing with most of them whenever he could. Hearing all the negative comments his mother and father usually made about the Rouxe kingdom broke the young prince's heart. How could they say such awful things about this innocent family? He never knew why or how this hatred came to be but, he wanted it to stop--though what could he do? Calister couldn't bring himself to say or do anything that would displease his family and instead, he merely kept his comments to himself.

Finally, the fun and games stopped once the King scheduled daily training sessions for Calister that went from immediately after breakfast hours in the morning to a tad before sunset. The training consisted of various activities, most of which had to do with running and basic combat skills. Of course, as the prince began to grow and near his teens, his training became more serious. Fencing lessons and horseback riding became part of his daily training and the scheduled hours began to increase to the point where he could barely fit his academic learning sessions in a day. He did not mind, figuring it was his father's wishes for him to be strong like his elder brothers. Calister did promise to himself that he would do his best to make everyone proud. To prevent his knowledge from declining, Calister would spend the late hours of the night studying and making sure he was catching up in his studies. During his training sessions did his true skills began to peek through. The trainers were shocked when they saw how accurate and precise his movements were when he spent a short two week crash course in archery and ballroom dancing. The first few times around, Calister was a bit shocked to find out how amazing his eyesight was, along with his coordination skills. The trainers confirmed that the boy was a natural long-ranged fighter, with disappointed thoughts of spending almost a year teaching him to be a short-ranged one. Upon the received news, the King was pleased about his son's improvement and, as a result, gave the boy a beautiful crossbow made of the finest materials for his twelfth birthday. On top of the crossbow, he also cancelled fencing lessons and replaced them with numerous archery lessons specializing in using the crossbow. True, Calister knew it was for defensive purposes but the King also gave it to him, in hopes that it would motivate him to continue with his lessons and hone his fighting skills. A year later, the King was a tad disappointed to hear that the young prince took a liking to throwing projectiles and requested for such objects as they would come in handy in tight situations. Eventually, he gave in and reluctantly gave his son a set of eight throwing daggers with the condition that Calister was to continue his archery lessons and not use the daggers within the castle walls. To have knowledge in two weapons made for his ideal area of range, the young prince knew he had to train harder to use both weapons effectively.

Years passed, and Calister had finally turned seventeen. Nothing eventful really happened asides from how mature he came to be. The King and Queen slowly began to spend more time with him when they possibly could now that they figured Calister's eyes were nothing but a harmless birth defect. Things seemed to be lightening up for the youngest prince...till the news of the stolen jewelry broke out and swept through the kingdom like a storm. Oh it was a storm alright, especially with the King's temper thrown about, his anger unleashed towards the kingdom of Rouxe when only God knows who the real thieves were. Due to the situation, the family stopped socializing with the royal family of Rouxe out of anger. For Calister, who could not bring himself to hate the family and the princesses let alone immediately blame them, this meant his mother and father would never allow him to see the princesses ever again. Even when the Vahnzenge announced that they had the precious piece of jewelry in their possession, it did not stop the King from his constant blaming on Rouxe. The youngest prince wanted to smile out of relief that it was not the Rouxe kingdom but, his smile would soon disappear as a decision was reached for the children from both kingdoms to be sent out on a mission to retrieve the jewelry. However, the King had an extra task for his sons, and that was to put their trained assassin skills to use. It was obvious that their targets were the princesses of Rouxe and none of the three princes could say no to their father's order--not even Calister. How could he do such a thing? At this point, he was backed into a corner and could not escape or turn his back on his family. In other words, Calister could not disobey his father and painfully accepted the mission. The King most likely noticed how reluctant his youngest son was to the entire plan but trusted the two oldest to make sure their baby brother's heart would not begin to waver and sway.

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